Stephen Fortune

Stephen Fortune

Stephen is a regular contributor to PSFK. He is also an interactive media practitioner engaged in artistic interventions which investigate and illuminate computational culture. His areas of expertise include open data and physical computing. Find him on Twitter and Google Plus

Technology june 2, 2011

Do Personality And Cloud Data Make Good Bedfellows?

Will getting a better deal for data exchanged for online services feed our desire for a personal brand?

Mobile june 2, 2011

iPhone App Nourishes Your Inner Spirit

Can the same devices that ensure we're "always on" also allow us to get in touch with experiences which far predate digital culture?

Work may 27, 2011

How Do You Sleep At Night? Data Tracking Pajamas, Of Course [Video]

Wearable technology means 40 winks may no longer be so elusive.

Technology may 27, 2011

3D Printing Lets You Touch The Statistics [Video]

3D printing affords interesting insight into the ergonomics of a ubiquitous device.

Arts & Culture may 23, 2011

Glitch Filter App Plays Russian Roulette With Your iPhone Snaps

Digital photo manipulation eschews retro celebration in favour of raw glitch aesthetic.

Innovation may 19, 2011

Can A Festival Become A Living Lab For Innovation?

FutureEverything Festival provides an example of how inspirational congregations can become hubs for ongoing innovation once the right infrastructure is enabled.

Technology may 19, 2011

Digital Flaneurs Create Wonderland In Berlin

The post-user Internet is explored by creating web 2.0 bots to reenact Lewis Carroll's classic at the intersection of real life and the social web.

Work may 9, 2011

Craft & Data At FutureEverything 2011’s Data Dimension

As open data gathers pace we can look to artistic explorations for indications of the trends which may emerge.

IoT may 6, 2011

Remixing Social Memory With The Internet Of Things

Memories become metadata at Manchester's FutureEverything Festival.

Work may 6, 2011

Does Wales Exist? How Data Could Transform Borders And Boundaries [Video]

MIT's Senseable Cities project shows how data could minimise disruption to the 'human network' and transform political borders.

Design & Architecture may 6, 2011

Smack Nightclub Lets Their Design Do The Talking

Steve Smith divulges the design ethos behind the controversial and successful Leamington Spa nightclub Smack.

Arts & Culture may 4, 2011

Composing Music For Your Inner Ear

Audio visual wizard Robin Fox has been nominated for the prestigious Future Everything Award for his ongoing research into musical works tailored specifically for cochlear implants.

Gaming & Play may 4, 2011

Local Currency Project Aims To Be Game Changer In Social Dynamics [Video]

Game dynamics and local currency initiative meet in the middle to foster harmony and community.

Design & Architecture may 4, 2011

This Is Your Brain On Cocktails: Brainwaves Afford Novel Means For Brand Engagement

FutureEverything Festival showcases Absolut's Flavour Collider, a stunning incorporation of brain technologies and art.


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