Steve Clayton, Microsoft

Steve Clayton, Microsoft

Steve Clayton is a regular contributor to PSFK. He is also a Microsoft storyteller. In this role, Steve works with teams across Microsoft to highlight work of product groups, Microsoft Research, incubations teams and individuals – all with the aim of providing an insider’s view of Microsoft and showing people what’s next in technology. He spends time with the company’s developers, researchers, ethnographers, sociologists, cinematographers, and even race car drivers and highlights their work through speaking engagements and the Next at Microsoft website.

Work november 12, 2012

Steve Clayton: Speak New Languages Instantly With Microsoft Tech

This voice recognition software translates your speech and then uses your own voice to talk in another language.

Mobile october 22, 2012

Steve Clayton: Bill Gates Tells Me What To Expect From Windows 8

The Microsoft chairman speaks to the push toward 'natural user interface' and the potential for the new OS, Windows Phone 8, and Surface products.

Work october 8, 2012

Steve Clayton: Microsoft Software Replicates Human Movement On-Screen

New Digits software from Microsoft blends the digital and real worlds and allows for the potential of hands-free control of your devices.

Innovation september 10, 2012

Steve Clayton: Cloud Share Digital And Physical Objects In Real Time

IllumiShare is a new technology that allows you to turn any surface into a smart co-sharing screen.

Partner Content march 31, 2012

Are We Moving Toward A More Natural Future With Technology?

Steve Clayton, the editor of the Next at Microsoft blog, shares his thoughts on the growing trend of Natural User Interfaces.

Technology march 13, 2012

Steve Clayton: Kinect Powered AR Lets You Interact With Motion Graphics

A new projector-augmented reality mash-up allows you to move and control images and have them react to their surroundings.

Work march 7, 2012

Steve Clayton: Microsoft's New Tech Puts Pictures And Video In The Same Frame

Cliplets, a new interactive app, allows users to juxtapose still and dynamic imagery.

Innovation march 6, 2012

Steve Clayton: Wearable Projector Makes Any Surface Interactive

New tech that perches on your shoulder transforms a wall, piece of paper, desk etc. into a touchable surface you can control.

Syndicated december 1, 2011

Steve Clayton: Fighting Email Spam Is Helping Search For HIV Vaccine

A new Microsoft tool that was initially developed to be a complex email spam filter is now being used to further AIDS research with its data mining algorithm being used to do specific cell analysis that helps detail virus patterns.

Arts & Culture november 14, 2011

Steve Clayton: Create On A Digital Canvas With The Art of Touch

Microsoft launched a website that allows people to create a digital canvas in collaboration with professional artists.

Advertising october 27, 2011

Steve Clayton: OmniScreens, Natural User Interface & The Future Of The Internet

A vision of a tech-enhanced future where all surfaces become 'smart' and provide information to enrich daily life.

Innovation october 20, 2011

Steve Clayton: Microsoft Research Shows Holodesk

The software giant's newest research project allows people to manipulate 3D images with their hands.

Home october 20, 2011

Steve Clayton: Kinect Wants To Show You Some NuAds

Microsoft's hardware peripheral brings interactive advertising into the home with voice and gesture recognition.

Mobile october 13, 2011

TechNet: Microsoft's Chief Research And Strategy Officer On A New Era In Computing

Craig Mundie discusses the future of what technology holds for the next generation.


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