Tamara Giltsoff

Tamara Giltsoff

Work december 26, 2012

One Day...Global Business Will Be Made Up Of Small Ventures

Tamara Giltsoff looks forward to a day when we’ll have global corporations continually investing in emerging stocks of opportunities.

Sustainability september 28, 2009

Ad Week Climate Change Symposium: Hope?

Last Wednesday I attended Ad Week’s Climate Change Symposium. Here, the world of NYC advertising shared with the audience that it has found its niche within the climate change agenda, which is to engage ‘consumers’ and ‘internal stakeholders’ in a movement that in turn will activate policy and drive global agreements.

Sustainability september 22, 2009

Climate Week Versus Fashion Week

September 13th marked the beginning of “Mercedes Benz Week” in New York; September 20th marks the end of Fashion Week and the start of New York Climate Week.

Home july 29, 2009

Tamara Giltsoff: Mitigating Climate Change is Hot on the Business Agenda. What About Adapting to it?

Mitigating Climate Change is hot on the business agenda. What about Adapting to it? There’s been plenty coverage on the rise and detail of the American Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES and also called the US climate and energy bill), passed by the United States House of Representatives on June 26 and now facing the Senate with daunting prospects, with the objective of mitigating climate change and reducing our dependency on oil. But thus far very little coverage on the significance of climate impacts and the change and planning required for businesses, administrations and institutions – ‘climate adaptation’.

Advertising june 10, 2009
Advertising june 1, 2009
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