Tess Wicksteed, Pearlfisher

Tess Wicksteed, Pearlfisher

Innovation april 17, 2014

Tess Wicksteed: How To Be Innovative When Talking About Intimate Products?

Why design has the power to easily say things that are often times uncomfortable.

Innovation february 27, 2014

Tess Wicksteed: Sweeter Futures – New Candy Challengers Stake A Claim On Health Innovation

A look at how brands are embracing the junk foods we love in a healthier, more organic way.

Retail december 24, 2013

Tess Wicksteed: Allergen-Free Foods Will Have An Impact Because They’re Necessary

Why necessity is creating a radical new direction for the future of food.

Luxury october 23, 2013

Tess Wicksteed: To Succeed, Retailers Must Learn From Luxe

Smaller stores may need to borrow from the minds of Prada and Whole Foods in order to succeed.

Arts & Culture september 22, 2013

Tess Wicksteed: Designing The Body Of The Future

Perceptions of the human form are shifting and steering new directions for brands and our culture as a whole.


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