Tom Moore

Tom Moore

Tom lives in São Paulo, Brazil and works as a consultant with Mandalah, a conscious innovation boutique.

Work march 27, 2012

Gamifying One Of The Toughest Jobs On Earth

Playcall adds gaming elements to the demanding task of working at a call center.

Sustainability october 28, 2011

RFID Tags In Trees Prevent Illegal Deforestation

A new green initiative fights against destruction by tagging trees in order to collect data from them and monitor their health and location.

Cities october 12, 2011

LEDs Wheels Promote ‘Green Lantern’ Movie

Warner Bros used an in-the-streets campaign to publicize the release of their movie in Brazil.

Cities october 11, 2011

Space Aliens Invade São Paulo [Pics]

Urban artists bring striking yet humorous images to the streets and buildings of Brazil.


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