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Design & Architecture august 13, 2011

A History In Images: The Budweiser Can

America's iconic beer brand Budweiser has redesigned its can to symbolize its growth in the global market.

Technology july 23, 2011

Singer Björk Changes The Way We Consume Music With New App

Björk's new album Biophilia is an interactive app that immerses listeners in each track with games and musical artifacts.

Work july 22, 2011

Chicago Restaurant To Create Children's Book-Inspired Menu [Headlines]

Grant Achatz, owner of new Chicago restaurant Next, hints that they are planning two new menus: one literary inspired, and another currently titled El Bulli.

july 22, 2011

Coca-Cola Profit Sales Jumps 18% In Latin America And Asia [Headlines]

World's largest soda distributor has seen an advanced in net income of $2.8 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Innovation july 21, 2011

Springwise: Resell Your Unused 'Deal-A-Day' Coupons In The Kuponomi Marketplace

The Turkish-based site, Kuponomi, is a free trade platform that allows consumers to resell the deal-a-day coupons they've bought but haven't had the chance to use.

Work july 21, 2011

Ed Cotton: Long-Term Thinking Movement Can Change The Way We Consume Resources

Taking a cue from Treehugger, the director of strategy at BSSP encourages consumers to start valuing long-term profit over short-term gain instead of risking the depletion of all of Earth's resources.

Mobile july 21, 2011

Ed Cotton: A Peek Into Bjork's New Music Hybrid

The Director of Strategy at BSSP explores the Icelandic singer's new app/album hybrid and reviews the groundbreaking concept that combines music with science and nature.

july 20, 2011

Microsoft 'Leaks' Its Own Social Network [Headlines]

Microsoft 'accidentally' leaked its own social network Tulalip, which combines social and search, onto Microsoft-owned

Home july 20, 2011

Introduced by the soothing voice of David Attenborough, Björk's new app is key to her ambitious Biophilia album and promises to break new ground in the music world.

Technology july 19, 2011

The head of the WIndows Phone division, Andy Lees, recently announced that Microsoft plans to create one software ecosystem that will run on all of its mobile phones, PCs and other devices, instead of separate ecosystems for each device.

Luxury july 19, 2011

Qriously, a mobile-ad startup, seeks to make money by posing straightforward queries to consumers and getting instant feedback.

Sustainability july 19, 2011

Springwise: Bacardi Turns Facebook ‘Likes’ Into Real-World Events

The spirits manufacturer is featuring fans' Facebook 'likes' in a series of events, titled 'Like It Live, Like It Together,' in an effort to transcend the boundary between the online and offline worlds.

Cities july 18, 2011

The former actor-turned-California-governor is returning to the big screen in a modern-day western. Critics, however, wonder if he'll still have the same spark at 63 years old.

Home july 18, 2011

How to manage your love life in the constanly updating world of Twitter. Don't let 140 characters ruin your relationship.


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