Victoria Young

Victoria Young

Victoria helps companies stay at the forefront of innovation by leading research on emerging trends. She is currently an MIT Sloan MBA student studying Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the intersection of technology, culture and sustainable design. She is passionate about helping brands and organizations identify trends, tell stories, and architect experiences by studying what connects with people and what makes things stick. Previous clients she has worked with include Disney, Rolex, and Qualcomm. Avid foodie, nap-lover, and globe-trotter.

Work february 21, 2014

App Analyzes Selfies To Provide The Perfect Bra Fit

ThirdLove patents computer vision technology for determining a user's size through their smartphone.

Advertising february 18, 2014

Virgin Staff Uses Google Glass To Offer Personalized Service To Passengers

Equipped with the wearable technology, Virgin Atlantic can now address all passengers by name and know their meal preferences

Work february 18, 2014

Target Collaborates With Pinterest Stars To Design Party Capsule Collections

The retailer is working with power users launch exclusive collections to be sold in stores and online.

IoT february 10, 2014

Wearable Device Monitors Employee Productivity

Hitachi is using data visualization to increase inter-company communication and efficiency.

Innovation february 4, 2014

Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Also Prints With Fiberglass And Nylon

The Mark One printer makes precise, strong material prototyping accessible to public.

Innovation february 3, 2014

Intelligent Lifeguard Drone Rescues Victims From Drowning

Smart aerial robot prototype successfully performs search and rescue with life preservers.

Cities january 31, 2014

DIY Design Kits Transform LA Streets Into Urban Arts Spaces

LADOT launches accelerator for plazas, parklets, and bicycle corrals.

Technology january 29, 2014

Plants Act As Biosensors To Collect Agricultural Data To Help Themselves Grow Better

PLEASED has created intelligent plant-borgs can measure everything from the impact of pollution to chemicals used in farming.


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