Wesley Robison

Wesley Robison

Wesley Robison provides research and strategy for the PSFK Labs team. He has led the development of several of our main reports including the Future of Work and Future of Retail.

Work february 3, 2013
IoT february 3, 2013

Modular Smartphone Could Replace Computer And Tablet [Future Of Work]

NexPhone is a smartphone that can become a tablet, laptop, and computer.

Work february 3, 2013

Fluid Technology - A Future Of Work Trend

Compact technology continues to proliferate, further aiding workers with the completion of tasks while on-the-go.

Design & Architecture february 3, 2013

Surface Desk - A Concept For Future Of Work

This foldable working space allows the hotdesk worker to arrive and begin work instantly with full connection to their own personal data.

Home february 3, 2013

Co-Working Space Fuels Foodies With Menu Of Cooking Tools [Future Of Work]

Forage SF is creating an experimental environment for chefs, entrepreneurs and food fans.

Innovation february 3, 2013

Crowdsourced Product Developers Open An Advanced Lab For All [Future Of Work]

Quirky's lab for their crowdsourced designers and engineers to develop, prototype, and test products is a innovative model for a business.

Innovation february 3, 2013

Co-Creation Spaces - A Future Of Work Trend

Collaborative spaces have spawned labs for initial ideas to be tested and to further inform innovation.

IoT january 27, 2013

Smarter Tools Are The Future Of Intuitive Communication [Future Of Work]

PSFK chats with Senior Business Strategist at Microsoft Office's labs about the future of workflow and interfaces.

Advertising january 27, 2013

Intuitive Connection - A Future Of Work Theme

Geographically dispersed teams are leveraging social network-style platforms to come together online and collaborate on common goals.

Work january 27, 2013

Sharing Office - A Concept For Future Of Work

The sharing office proves the ideal workplace environment for collaboration, creativity, and idea-sharing.

Technology january 27, 2013

Public Noticeboard Lets Users Share And Discuss Ideas Virtually [Future Of Work]

Wallwisher is an online post-it board that enables users to create and share collaborative notes.

Design & Architecture january 27, 2013

Company Creates Google Docs For Engineering And Design [Future Of Work]

Sunglass has released a cloud-based AutoCAD-like program for designers, engineers and architects to globally build digital designs.

Work january 27, 2013

Visual Collaboration - A Future Of Work Trend

Cloud services are enabling team members to simultaneously edit, comment upon and review an ever-growing variety of assets.

Arts & Culture january 27, 2013

On The Record - A Concept For Future Of Work

Ambient technology integrates with team members' applications to streamline processes and expedite analysis.


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