Yi Chen

Yi Chen

Social Media Consultant and co-founder of Mixed Collective. Has worked with brands including Audi, Nike, Zegna and Dyson. Currently based in Los Angeles. If you have a story you would like to share, please get in touch.

Entertainment august 22, 2016

Kanye’s Latest Music Video Is Really An Ad For Balmain

The superstar musician collaborated with the high-end fashion label to promote its upcoming Fall collection

Technology august 18, 2016

How Olympic Athletes Visualize Their Performances With Biometric Sensors

GE strapped LED biosensors to gymnasts, runners, cyclists and more to capture their precise movements

Social Media august 17, 2016

Sony Pictures Launches Snapchat’s First 360-Degree Video Ad

The movie Don't Breathe allows audiences to immerse themselves in the story through the messaging app

Travel august 17, 2016

Airbnb Is Testing Out Its Own Travel Guide

A stand-alone app expands beyond the home-sharing service to include personalized recommendations and tours by hosts

Automotive august 9, 2016

Waze Brazil Is Helping Drivers Avoid High Crime Neighborhoods With Safer Routes

The navigation app introduced a new protective feature that analyzes real-time data to steer clear of risky areas

Retail june 29, 2016

Convert Your Favorite SoundCloud Tracks Into A Vinyl Record

A startup is providing a unique service that turns your digital music library into real records

Design & Architecture june 28, 2016

Create A Custom Daihatsu Using 3D-Printed Car Parts

The Japanese car manufacturer allows owners to personalize the exterior of their vehicles at the click of a button

Travel june 27, 2016

Facebook Aims To Personalize How We Connect In Times Of Crisis

An invite tool to 'Safety Check' feature will rely on people power rather than just algorithms

Social Media june 24, 2016

Your Facebook Posts Could Soon Be Making You Money

The social media giant is exploring new ways for users to monetize their content

Home june 23, 2016

Recycled Car Batteries Could Soon Power Your Whole Home

BMW is creating a comprehensive plug-and-play energy system

Sustainability june 23, 2014

Tech-Packed Car Can Detect When Driver Is Drunk

An onboard breathalyzer will ensure that intoxicated drivers can't start the car.

Work may 30, 2014

Self-Cleaning Ceramic Tile Turns Pollution Into Mineral Salts

Elements inspired by nature helps fight toxins and bacteria.

Retail may 27, 2014

Uniqlo Lets Shoppers Create Their Own Line Of T-Shirts

How the Japanese retailer is capitalizing on one of the biggest retail trends this year.

Retail may 15, 2014

London Boutique 3D Scanned To Bring An Exclusive Experience Online

Virtual replica of a real store lets visitors buy items directly off the displays.


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