Yofred Moik

Yofred Moik

24 year old industrial designer from Syracuse University, interested in the idiosyncrasies of culture, contemporary music, and the subtleties of human behavior. Currently pioneering a mobile lifestyle between Brooklyn/Manhattan.

Culture september 13, 2010

Update: Conflict Kitchen Turns To Crowdfunding

A Pittsburgh-based restaurant seeks online micropatronage support to crowdfund and sustain their barrier-breaking efforts.

Advertising september 13, 2010

Parking Spots As Prime Retail Space

Food trucks flourishing on Boston streets raises the potential for mobile eateries in an evolving urban retail-scape.

Culture august 19, 2010

Headphones: 10 Exceptional Designs

A selection of interesting and innovative personal listening devices we've collected from around the web.

Culture august 17, 2010

Is The Touchscreen Killing Or Reinventing Design?

As mono-functioning electronics, such as calculators and alarm clocks, face extinction, designers are exploring how to best exploit the ambiguity of today's electronic devices.

Cities july 23, 2010

Memphis Police Use Intelligent Crime Forecasting Technology

Innovative software has been credited in dramatically reducing crime in the city.

Advertising july 23, 2010

(Headlines) A Youth Pill, RFID At Wal-Mart & When Funny Goes Viral

PSFK curates a daily selection of noteworthy news headlines from around the world.

Design july 23, 2010

India’s $35 Tablet Computer

Plans have been announced for a $35 tablet computer that will integrate itself with the country's higher education infrastructure.

Cities july 23, 2010

Prosocial Behavior And The Dog Owner Effect

Psychologist Nicolas Gu├ęgen explores the social behavior of with-dog and no-dog conditions in request-oriented activities.

Advertising july 22, 2010

Eco-Index Rates The Sustainability Of Apparel Brands

An index system currently being developed will be used by clothing manufacturers to help determine the green efficiency of their products.

july 22, 2010

(Video) Using Twitter Data To Track Public Mood

The Happiness Map visualizes word usage on the micro-blogging platform to display the mental state of its users.

Culture july 22, 2010

(Headlines) Hunger For Coal, China’s New Diet Craze & Android Bloatware

PSFK curates a daily selection of noteworthy news headlines from around the world.

Retail july 22, 2010

New Groupon App Leverages The Power Of Facebook Networks

The application potentiates greater participation in deals, as they can be disseminated amongst close friends and associates.

Culture july 21, 2010

(Headlines) Courting Farmers, Anti-HIV Gel & The Ultraviolet Movie Locker

PSFK curates a daily selection of noteworthy news headlines from around the world.

Design july 21, 2010

Lack Of Visual Contrast Can Sap Drive And Attention

A new study shows how people suffering from depression can also be affected by a lack of visual contrast.


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