Zachary Kraemer

Zachary Kraemer

Zachary is a Chicago based retail marketing specialist with a love of simplistic design and Chicago-style hotdogs.

Work january 15, 2013

Site Offers Emerging Designers Retail Spaces To Sell Their Designs

Republic Spaces is a project that pairs emerging designers and artists with established retailers for a short-term pop-up spaces.

Design & Architecture january 11, 2013

Dita Von Teese Sews QR Codes Directly Into Her Clothing

Fashion designer integrates the technology into her latest line, linking to Twitter and allowing fans to communicate directly with her.

Home january 8, 2013

London Restaurant Features Interactive Tables

Asian fusion resto, Inamo, changes the dining dynamic with a new way to order and keep patron's entertained.

Arts & Culture january 3, 2013

Interactive Shoppable Content Now Appears Within Tweets

Social media website pairs up with the interactive image platform Thinglink allowing users to post more than 140 characters.

Technology january 2, 2013

Customizable Upscale Artworks Fit Any Space

JuicyCanvas gives users the options to crop, scale, and recolor art pieces to match the style of their homes.

Arts & Culture january 2, 2013

Twitter Offers Book Recommendations

BookRx analyzes your social media account to give the most suitable literary suggestions.

Advertising december 18, 2012

Hong Kong Kids Design A New McDonald’s

The 'I'm Amazing' project challenges children to draw their perfect restaurant, and then brings the 20 best designs to life.

Design & Architecture december 17, 2012

‘End of the World’ Pods Can Withstand Severe Weather

Liu Qiyuan of China builds several giant spheres capable of withstanding the fiercest elements.

Technology december 17, 2012

Toys’R’Us Gives In-Store Rewards For Playing Its Facebook Game

Toy company partners with Ubisoft to create an interactive game where players gain coupons.

Retail december 12, 2012

Nike Bespoke Air Force One Shop In Brooklyn’s New Barclays Center

Sportswear company creates a pop-up shop celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Airforce 1 basketball shoe, and the launch of its newest sneaker, Lunar Force 1.

Arts & Culture december 11, 2012

Post-Quake, New Zealand Uses Shipping ContainersTo Rebuild Retail

After its community was hit by a giant earthquake, Christchurch, New Zealand looked for more temporary yet still effective building practices.

Travel december 11, 2012

Floating Inn Offers Underwater Bedroom

'Utter Inn,' an isolated island hotel allows those staying to gain a one on one experience with nature.

Work december 4, 2012

Site Makes Sellers Compete For Their Customers

Yumani takes the opposite approach of eBay, allowing customers to sit back while retailers bid on the lowest price to sell at.

Luxury december 3, 2012

New Thread Identifies Real Luxury Goods From Fakes

Christian Müller develops a thread that thwarts knock-offs through custom woven patterns unidentifiable by the human eye.


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