Furniture Collection Wants Work to Feel Like Your Favorite Coffee Shop

Campfire line aims to make employees feel as though they’re away from the office while at the office

Design Agency Turnstone specializes in office furniture with a difference and is set to release a range of interiors that help blur the line between home and office.

Turnstone furniture collection

The new line, named Campfire, consists of three core pieces, the Slim Table, Skate Table and Footrest that complement each other to form the perfect furniture collection for a working environment. They’ve been created to enhance ergonomic support and comfort and can be arranged in various ways for those working alone, with a partner or as part of a team.

The Slim Table comes in the form of a bench and can be used as a work surface and media console. The Skate Table has wheels which makes it easy to move around and the Footrest has no specified top or bottom and can be positioned in multiple ways making it multifunctional. The line caters to (remote) workers’ need for flexibility and power offering an in-built socket within each piece so they can work from laptops and other devices and at the same time charge their phone. Brian Shapland, General Manager of Turnstone told PSFK,

“It’s no secret that the way we work continues to change. Technology makes it easy to leave traditional office environments and take our work to our favorite places, like sofas and coffee shops. But we’re finding that this trend of “working anywhere” doesn’t really work. We lack space to spread out projects, we endure noisy surroundings and waste time looking for a place to plug in. In fact, turnstone research shows that 25% of workers report losing time to distractions in or near their work area. We believe the workplace needs “favorite places” that better support the work we do.”

Turnstone furniture collection

The key selling point of this new collection is that it aims to increase productivity within the workplace. The creative designs do this by providing everything a team or individual would need while away from their desks, ensuring distractions are kept to a bare minimum.

With ergonomic elements inbuilt, the pieces are designed to be as comfortable as possible. For employees, this could emit a feeling of comfort and give them the sense that they’re working in a familiar space that’s comforting to them, as opposed to associating the workplace and especially meeting spaces with stress.

Turnstone furniture collection

Shapland continues,

“Thanks to overwhelming evidence supporting the importance of authenticity in the workplace, companies of every size want to provide workers with an office culture and physical environment where they can truly be themselves at work. This kind of authenticity fosters vibrant culture, puts personalities on display and builds relationships. We often see this kind of culture in the startup community, and others are increasingly interested in emulating this culture in order to stay competitive.”

As homes become more like work and work becomes more like home, Campfire is an example of a design solution that helps satisfy both comfort and professional expectations.