When ‘Call of Duty’ and Instagram Collide

First-person shooter juggernaut launches a social media assault with a digital-first publicity campaign

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has already broken ground in everything from graphics to multiplayer functionality to star power in voice actors for its campaign. This week, they’re doing it again in the marketing of the latest installment of the franchise.

Their “Power Unlocked” campaign is an extension of game-related publicity and engagement techniques used by creator Activision and other video game publishers for several years. It allows fans of the game to connect via their console, computer or portable device and earn points for their account via engagement activities including game play and social sharing. Those points can be traded in for advanced multiplayer options, new in-game weapons and equipment and access to meta game information like character backstories and the actions leading up to scenes in the game.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Trailer.jpg

What’s most innovative about the new campaign is their social media initiative on Instagram. Called Mission Zero, it lets players interact with the Instagram feed for a reality-based gaming experience conducted over social media. This wins on two levels. For the fans, a new way of interacting with a game they’re excited about never goes amiss. For Activision and the Call of Duty brand, a new game that gets hundreds of thousands to interact directly with your Instagram feed is exactly the kind of web-based home run a game wants to hit.

The idea came as a collaboration between Activision and their agency of record AKQA, with supporting contributions from Klout and Edelman. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releases on Nov. 3. Getting involved with “Power Unlocked” is live now at the Advanced Warfare website. Members can connect up to five devices per account, and new content will drop aggressively as the game’s release date approaches. You can check out the official live action Advanced Warfare trailer from 72andSunny (with VFX from MPC) as well below: