Sol Beer helps find the up-and-coming bars and restaurants in your area with new search engine

Many people who want to discover a new restaurant or bar often use search engines like Google to start the hunt. If you’re looking for a real local or heritage vibe, it’s a much deeper dig because search engines typically rank better known establishments near the top and leave  less well known names at the bottom of the pile.  Unlike other search engines, the new Sol Search ranks results according to authenticity and not popularity.

Sol, which champions Espiritu Libre (Free Spirit), steps up to the challenge of finding authentic destinations with a bespoke search algorithm that promote small-time hotspots.

“Sol champions those all over the world who are doing their own thing in their own way, because they are living breathing expressions of our brand. We call these guys Local Heroes, and our drinkers find their stories incredibly inspiring,” Dave Shoemack, Sol Global Manager tells PSFK. “Sol Search is a way of connecting our drinkers with these local heroes and the places they have built – be it cafes, cinemas, or even a Shoreditch barber.”

Sol Search is currently available in London where it has partnered with Monocle Magazine for 20 “perfect” results. The service also uses check-in service FourSquare to reference customer reviews. To use the service, just type in a keyword and neighbourhood. For example, search for “Shoreditch barber” and you can instantly browse through the results.


The tailored algorithm also works with Instagram to provide real photos from customers. Sol Search is a way for the beer brand’s consumers to find a way to explore beyond the mainstream.

“(Our customers) have less time to truly assert their freedom. This is why we have created Sol Search, to help our drinkers in a tiny way by allowing moments of independence in their own city”, adds Shoemack. This year, the brand has undergone extensive rebranding for its 56 global markets. Moving towards being a lifestyle than just a beer variant, more services like this should be expected from the brand.

Heineken, Sol’s parent brand which is targeted more towards millennials, has recently launched @wherenext, a suggestion service for night-outs. In contrast to Heineken, Sol sees its consumer as settled and successful but always finding ways to let the rebellious side out which with Sol Search is detaching from the congestion of the mainstream.

Sol Search is scheduled to roll out for Sao Paolo in early December 2014 and next year, ten more cities including Barcelona, Athens and Mexico City will be able to use the service. Sol’s commitment to tradition and local culture is seen through its previous projects including inciting streetfood revolution in Brazil and setting up supermarket barber shops in France.