Four Cocktails Push Craft Envelope in 2015 Drinkosphere

Potent potables demonstrate trends in fashion and drinking

We’ve had craft beers for a couple of decades now, with craft wines and craft spirits entering the “drinkosphere” over the past six to eight years. As far as we at PSFK can tell, craft cocktails were about due—and here they are.

In a way, all cocktails are “craft.” They’re made by hand, to order, and are as customizable as a drink can get. However, some of the newest craft cocktails push even the broad envelope of mixed drinks. For example:

Los Angeles-based bartender Aaron Melandrez has begun producing a series of “soup cocktails” for the Pistola Italian American restaurant. His “From Kitchen With Love” is a mixture of six ounces of lamb consomme plus two ounces of the legendary Glenlivit 15 Scotch, served in a shallow bowl and garnished with asparagus, carrots and cilantro.

craft cocktails 2015

Meanwhile, bars across America have begun offering beer cocktails beyond a simple boilermaker. Two popular examples we’ve covered before include the Sapporo Chai (Tea), which mixes Sapporo lager beer with chilled green tea and citrus vodka, and the Twisted Fruitbeer Float, which mixes Abita beer with lime sherbet.

craft cocktails

With craft meads and ciders beginning to crop up in taprooms, the concept of cyser cocktails has begun cropping up in shops that don’t normally serve mixed drinks. A cyser is a simple mixture of beer and mead, that balances the sweet and floral notes of the mead with the tarter profile of the cider.

On the more luxurious end of the scale, Givenchy has partnered with the London Hotel Cafe Royal to create a line of cocktails based on their perfume scents, piggybacking on the Berlin’s Ritz-Carlton’s Fragrances bar, which offered a line of scent-based cocktails. This move demonstrates both the variety of cocktail options now becoming available and an innovative approach to building brand awareness.

craft cocktails

As this is a growing trend, there’s little chance these will be the only four examples of creative cocktailing to be found this year. Expect to see other examples of new and unusual mixology in your favorite bar soon.

Lead image: Norio NAKAYAMA // CC // No changes made