Interactive Music Video Lets You Click Through a Craigslist Board

Creative program 72U developed the experimental project that shows how life experiences can be contained in a message board

72andSunny’s in-house creative program 72U has created an interactive music video experience for NYC band, Superhuman Happiness. The experimental video lets users decide and click which of the 150 moments they’d like to watch, creating a unique experience.

72U is made up of a team of individuals with diverse talents and interests. It offers a 12 week one-of-a-kind learning experience designed to cultivate leaders for the creative industry. They created the interactive video, “Catch a Break,” in an attempt to depict the idea that all of a person’s life (including heartbreak, happiness, and surplus appliances) can be contained in a message board like Craigslist.

Superhuman Happiness, founded by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter (and Arcade Fire sideman) Stuart Bogie, wanted to create a video that captures the human experience. 72U hit upon message boards as a cross-section of humanity and this resulted in a Craigslist-style faux public message board embedded with 150 human moments that represent life’s ups and downs.


Using interactive technology on a web-based platform, the viewer becomes the visual curator of the music video as they are encouraged to explore and experience the message board. They can navigate the highs and lows of life, while overcoming and rejoicing in all of the risks, setbacks, and rewards.

Vocalist Andrea Diaz’s performance forms the central thread of the experience, while the viewer controls the other things they see as they explore a fake Craigslist site embedded with many slices of life. As they hunt around, they can discover the detritus of a failed romance, such as a turntable that’s useless because the ex took all the records, or a desperate attempt to find a new roommate to help with the rent.

72U built the interactive experience and produced the video for less than $1000. It was created for Google Chrome using web technologies like HTML/CSS, Java Script and JQuery. The video was launched on Oct.16 and has its own advert on the real Craiglist, with 275 simultaneous posts in 11 categories in 25 cities. You can check out the interactive music video below or go to the site to experience it for yourself:

Catch a Break