Chilling Graphic Novel Unfolds Exclusively on Instagram

Jose Cuervo Cinge, a cinnamon-infused tequilla, has introduced a ‘hilariously terrifying tale’ in time for Halloween

Jose Cuervo Cinge has introduced an original horror-infused graphic novel just in time for Halloween, which is unfolding exclusively on Instagram. Jose Cuervo is the world’s best-selling tequila and its Cinge drink, which infuses Jose Cuervo Especial Silver with a sting of cinnamon, adds a bold and fiery kick that takes it to the next level. The infusion of Mexican cinnamon and other spices match with the clean, crisp agave flavors.

Introduced last year, a campaign was created for Cinge that included the launch of a graphic novel called The Night. Inspiration was taken from the sting of the Mexican scorpion, with a campaign enveloped in an entirely cinnamon-colored visual world, including the first ever graphic novel in the spirits category.


This year’s story continues the saga of the Drifter and his pet Scorpion; the Cinge mascot with a fiery kick. Chilling graphic novel The Drifter: Red Moon Over Baja is described as “the hilariously terrifying tale of an unnamed loner who wanders into a sleepy desert town with a sinister secret”. This one-of-a-kind graphic novel is only available on Instagram, with the story starting to unfold a week ago.

One frame is being posted each day for fifteen days, and the names and illustrated likenesses of lucky Cuervo fans are being included in the graphic novel. For example, some have had businesses in a town like a bank and a saloon named after them. The art style is dark and atmospheric, with black and cinnamon-colored images.


For the chance to be randomly chosen and integrated into the story, Instagram followers who are over the age of 21 can share a selfie and tag it with #CingeMyFace. Horror and tequila fans can follow along and see how the graphic novel unfolds on Instagram at @JoseCuervoTequila.