Glasshouse Lamp Sprouting Fresh Herbs for the Kitchen

Sklenik or The Glasshouse features plants in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way

Created by Czech designer Kristýna Pojerová, the Glasshouse or Sklenik is a small herb greenhouse that also functions as a designer lamp.

According to the designer, the glass lamp aims to provide the users with fresh herbs in the kitchen. The shape of the lamp was inspired by the growth of plants. The glass lamp has a central opening at the bottom to allow users easy access to the plants inside, as well as help create proper ventilation for the herbs. The herbs are planted along the wall at the bottom in a gutter-like space around the central opening. An electric bulb hanging from the top provides lighting as well as heat. The light from the bulb can be regulated by placing a dimmer over the lamp. The glass lamp was designed to help maintain the proper micro-climate inside it and keep the herbs alive and fresh.


The glass lamp can be suspended anywhere near the kitchen as desired by the owner. Aside from providing a supply of fresh herbs, it also serves as an unusual but intriguing lamp for the kitchen space. This designer lamp is priced at 1,400 Euros and is available at selected shops.

Pojerová is a graduate of the Studio of Glass at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Some of her work include Houbičky, a collection of glass jars in different colors and shapes, designed to store dried herbs and mushrooms; Mimikrikri, a money box in the shape of a sleeping baby; Alkoholik, a glass designed for drinking dark alcoholic beverages; Klasik, an egg-shaped glass meant for home-made egg liqueur; and Lůno, a large basin with a shape designed to be a visual reminder of the space occupied by a fetus in the womb.


The Glasshouse was nominated for the Ceny Czech Grand Design in 2011. The clip by Czech Grand Design below features the designer showing her glass lamp design.

Kristýna Pojerová