RoomScan app draws floor plans in minutes

App helps you draw rooms and floors using iPhone sensors

Not everyone out there is creating games or social media apps designed to be as addictive and distracting as possible. Thankfully, there are people designing utilities to make our lives easier. One such utility is Locometric RoomScan.

RoomScan an an iOS app developed in Manchester, UK that allows you to draw floor plans of the room you are standing in within minutes. Using the iPhone’s internal sensors, it’s able to accurately measure distances between walls and deliver images of floor plans.

The way it works is that users hold their phones to the first wall surface until they hear a beep. They continue this process until they have made their way around the room and tap a completion button to have the floor map rendered. The floor plans are then immediately available to text, email or whatever you’d like to do with them in a variety of file formats including PDF, DXF (AutoCAD) or SketchUp. Measurements are rated as accurate to the nearest 10 cm (6 inches).

RoomScan is a free application, but also offers an advanced version called RoomScan Pro that unlocks some premium features. That version includes storing more rooms, adding windows/doorways/openings, custom colors, and automatically connecting all rooms to create a full floor plan. The paid version will set back users a modest $4.99 US, £2.99 or €4.49.


I took the app for a quick test run of my bedroom and it was surprisingly easy to use. There are step by step spoken directions and even a way to organize your plans by property. I can definitely see this being a useful utility for property managers and real estate agents.

While I can certainly appreciate the well-drawn floor plans of architects on drafting paper, many landlords, tenants or homeowners just need a basic and easy to use representation of the space. It’s the access to utilities like this that may actually justify spending a small fortune on your iPhone contract each year.

RoomScan on iOS (free)
RoomScan Pro on iOS