Stackable Cork Office Collection Offers Everyday Productivity Solutions

Papere’s Kinhas Stationery is a sustainably designed workspace organizer

The Kinhas Office Collection aims to organize your workspace with a set of matching and functional objects that are ideal for any desk. Using the natural material cork and a stackable design, Italian studio Papere has sustainably developed a workspace organizer that simplistically solves everyday office needs.


Papere is a team of industrial and branding designers who decided “to (re)make sense of their own creativity, through a modern design methodology”. Covering different design areas including furniture and product design, their creations often add an innovative twist to an object in order to make it more functional.


The Kinhas Office Collection brings a sense of originality to the office environment with the introduction of cork, which has been combined with black or white plastics in order to increase the aesthetics and functionality. This set of five objects is aimed at fast-paced offices that are looking for more organization.


The collection includes an external memory disk, a clip tray, a hole puncher, a stapler, and a mug that can also be used as a pen holder. The clip tray features a magnetic base to keep the paper clips in place, while the mug provides heat isolation for better use.

All of the matching parts are stackable in case desk space is hard to find and their cork walls provide a useful area for pinning all sorts of reminders, calendars, and other important notes so they are close at hand. This everyday solution has been developed to brighten up offices and increase productivity.