Modish Imperial Proper Coffee Drip Strives to Produce Best Brew

Traditional Japanese techniques require 4 hours for the perfect cup of coffee

You might be a coffee fanatic, but are you willing to wait four hours for the perfect cup? Created by Proper Coffee, and inspired by Japanese cold-drip coffees, the Imperial Drip gives you greater control over the strength and taste of each brew. The company knows its stuff, with one successful Kickstarter to its name and coffeemakers on display in prestigious places like the Mandarin Hotel in Tokyo.

The Imperial Drip combines traditional Japanese techniques with a modern look and feel. It puts you in control of the volume of water, coffee grounds, and speed that water drips can all be adjusted. The process takes 1-4 hours at a recommended 40 to 45 drips per minute. Together with 3rd wave coffee brands, the drip produces a sweet, flavorful coffee with a nice caffeine kick that doesn’t have any of the acidity associated with hot-brew methods. Abbe tells Dezeen:

The slow drip process creates a unique characteristic with flavour and bean extortion that can’t be accomplished with a normal hot coffee maker or espresso shot. After trying cold drip coffee for the first time, the user will enjoy the wait every time after.

Based on the success of their original coffee drip maker, the company is hoping to achieve enough backing to facilitate in-house, hand-assembled production of Imperial Drip at their Michigan site. This will bring production costs down and increase the quality and production speed of their coffee drips.


Their current Kickstarter is just shy of the $10,000 goal, but with more than two weeks left on the clock, things are looking good. If you do decide to support Proper Coffee, it will save you $100 to buy one of their drips via KickStarter. Once the crowdfunding campaign is over, the Imperial Proper Cold Drip will be sold for $299.

Imperial Proper Coffee Drip

Images by Proper Coffee