Casio Digital Camera Splits in Two

The Tokyo-based tech stalwart’s product features a modular design that lets you take the lens and the screen apart

Casio’s EXILIM EX-FR10 is obviously built for the outdoors. The rugged shape hints on the 2 meter-drop resistance, splash and dust proof features of the camera. A closer look and you’ll see a hinge that disassembles the camera into a wirelessly connected display screen and camera module.

The modular splitting design feature is meant to give the user a lot more flexibility while using for the digital camera. With the smaller lens part, you can take photos easily in tough situations. You can securely hang it to have action shots or use it for a fuss-free, grip-friendly selfie camera. The screen that turns into a remote control cuts the need to work with an awkward countdown timer. If you are really dedicated to taking photos of yourself, you can even choose to install the camera facing the same way as the screen.

casio exilim camera 2.jpg

When both of the segments are powered on, a Bluetooth connection automatically pairs the two. The Exilim camera is WiFi compatible too for seamless swapping of photos in between devices.

casio exilim camera.jpg

Aside from taking 14-megapixel pictures, the EX-FR10 will also be able to shoot video at Full HD (1920x1080p). However, the lack of stereo microphones and flash components might disappoint some people.

The EX-FR10 is expected to ship with a long list of accessories. There will be carabiners perfect for keeping the lens unit within reach. A tripod mounter, a belt you can wear on your wrist or around your head, a clip so you can securely attach it to a bag strap and a necklace strap.

The Casio EXILIM EX-FR10 will sell for $480 (Japanese Yen: 50,000). Still, doubts arise if it will ever reach US soil given the waning presence of the Japanese brand in the digital camera market.

Casio / Petapixel