Hellmann’s Connects Tomato Farmers With Consumers

Condiment brand opens up farms to show consumers how they make ketchup

Everywhere you look, more brands are moving towards transparency. And it’s no secret why. Consumers are more educated than ever before and like to know where the products they support come from, especially if they are going into their bodies.

One of the latest companies to follow this trend is Hellmann’s Ketchup with an initiative it calls Vamos Plantar or Cultivemos Juntos (Grow With Us). The microsite is an attempt to connect tomato farmers with consumers globally to show where its tomatoes come from and how the ketchup is made.

In essence, when consumers visit the site they learn that people from around the world were invited to visit and document the Hellman’s tomato orchard for ten days in late November and early December. At that time, live streaming was set up from the farm so that consumers could follow every step of the process. David Lowes, Unilever Dressing’s global SVP explains the goal of the project:

This year, we are opening up our tomato farm to our consumers. For the first time, they will be able to connect online and see the farm live and in real time. More importantly, we wanted to give them the chance to be involved, so we created interactive features allowing them to participate in the growing and caring of our sustainably sourced tomatoes. We think consumers will appreciate our brands offering transparency and traceability in a fun and engaging way.


Visitors to the site today can still learn how Hellmann’s Ketchup is made. There, Hellmann’s acknowledges that sustainability is a priority for them because it means the best possible ketchup and a positive impact on the planet. There are different sections of the site to learn about how the tomatoes are cared for and an interactive video where viewers click/drag to participate in the different steps of making ketchup.

Vamos Plantar