Digital Tipis Clad in LED Lights Project Curated Collection of Sounds, Images

Neon Nomads installation for Art & About Sydney represents artistic visions of humanity and technology

Each year, the Art & About Sydney festival transforms the notoriously cultured Australian city with unique pop-up exhibitions and stand-out performances. Every street, lane way and building site act as a unique canvas for storytelling as creative displays are brought to life and variously distributed during the celebration of temporary art.

The collaborative festival of 2014 features work from a variety of local and International artists who aim to bring hope to the endangered in public spaces. Numerous installations offer the audience an opportunity to be engaged and involved in various art forms, a result of the festival’s purpose to change the way people perceive space and art.

An installation of five digital tipis curated by Celina Stand and Luca Lonescu offers an accessible and entertaining experience in the heart of the city’s acclaimed Hyde Park. Neon Nomads comprises three-meter high displays which project a collage of curated images and sound representing humanity, freedom and technology. The world premiere of the exhibit has set up camp in the green space and will exhibit more than 1,000 artworks by 13 various artists and collectives over the course of the festival.

Neon Nomads Clad in LED Lights

Cutting-edge LED technology turns the tipi skin into a screen of fabric for art, film clips, animation, text and sound, which vary according to the time of day. While the tipis illuminate the park 6pm-7am, people’s experience vary according to when they choose to view the art. One might see a flock of birds and one may encounter psychedelic sounds, a reflection of the multiple visions of participating artists.

The nomadic art gallery of earthy roots and futuristic concepts features the work of 13 artists and collectives.

The installation is based in Sydney’s Hyde Park south and runs through Oct. 12.

Neon Nomads // Art & About Sydney