Interactive Radio Ads Let Consumers Vocally Respond to Brands

XAPPmedia’s ads are a direct-response marketing tool that connect brands directly with consumers with just a few spoken words

It seems that people interact with their phones and computers 24/7- tapping screens, browsing the internet, and toying with apps. But in fact, a large portion of our time is actually spent driving, walking, and exercising- participating in activities that should theoretically demand our hands free attention. XAPPmedia has announced a new audio platform that is now catering to this “ultra mobile” consumer.

The new age of marketing demands that brands connect directly with consumers and create meaningful dialogue, and the new audio platform is a direct-response marketing tool that puts the consumer in control. XAPPmedia features interactive ads that connect consumers and brands directly, letting consumers be more than just passive listeners, and instead choose to talk back to ads instantly. With a simple voice command, consumers are directed to the brand’s homepage, online promotion or other specified offer. If not interested, one can simply ignore the message and continue with their selected programming.


The tool benefits brands,consumers, and publishers. For advertisers, engagements from the targeted ads offer up measurable data which can then be utilized to generate additional targeted campaigns. XAPP Media CEO Pat Higbie has coined the interactive engagement a “voice click,” explaining:

The solution has much higher voice recognition fidelity and a better user experience in part because it is only listening for a match to a specific phrase. Think of it as a voice click that is configurable per ad.

For consumers, the ads offer a new form of program engagement and an enhanced brand experience. It can be a more convenient means of exploring online content while busy with other tasks. Hyper-connectivity isn’t always a good thing, but audio advertising may help grab the attention of productivity freaks and early adopters.


By enhancing the overall user experience, the ads also are generating premium ad inventory for publishers. Brands can target specific markets in a unique way, and publishers benefit from the memorable experiences that are created in the process.

Interactive online videos have already proved to be a creative tool for brands, musicians, and producers looking to gain publicity or increase their following. Now, audio is riding the same path, and the opportunities for brand ingenuity are growing.

XAPPmedia // Fast Company