Dancing Traffic Light Man Keeps Everyone Safe, Smiling

The fashion house’s Denim & Supply brand has launched the creative initiative and global campaign, ‘Project Warehouse’

The people at Smart (the ultra-compact car manufacturer) have created another installment to their viral campaign and this one involves pedestrian and a dancing red man.

Last July, they positioned a unique traffic light system for pedestrians wanting to cross a major street in Lisbon, Portugal. The traffic light looked like any other traffic light but just before everyone started getting bored of waiting for it to turn green, the red figure starts busting the grooviest moves.

Where does the red man get its groove? From on-the-spot volunteers, of course.


The dancing man light is tethered to a giant mock-up of a traffic light built nearby. The giant installation has a big LED screen outside and the inside houses a set-up that lets you choose music and records dance moves in real-time. A live video feed also displays people’s reactions to your dance skills.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 12.14.36 PM.jpg

Watch the video from Smart here:

The #WhatAreYouFor campaign by Smart is having a successful run. The slogan promotes inspiration, for people to have goals and to allow themselves to think outside of the box.

The dancing traffic light man is a campaign “For More Safety.” While it obviously is fun, it does serve some purpose. According to the video, the dancing traffic light made 81% more people stop and wait before crossing. When you’re entertained, you’re less likely to cheat a red light, which is of course a dangerous habit especially in busy streets.

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The planning for the installation was extensive. The right program and hardware had to be used to create recognizable silhouettes on the low-resolution LED display usually found in traffic lights. Also, how the cubicle relays the information to the traffic light had to be figured out.

Smart has not yet hinted on what city the installation is visiting next or if it will ever be seen again. One thing is for sure, the minds behind the project were successful at creating a whole new experience from the daily grind of waiting for the right time to cross.

Smart International /BBDO Germany