New Space-Saving Game Boards Combine Art and Entertainment

Picture-frame game boards allow easy play, fast storage and attractive decoration

Hammacher Schlemmer’s luxury catalog has a long tradition of offering things you’d never heard of before you saw them but immediately needed upon learning they exist. Their newest offering to this lineup is a series of vertical board games that serve double-duty as playable entertainment and hanging wall art.

The collection’s magnetic chess board is 18 inches on a side and mounts to a wall with included hardware. The frame is wood, with tournament-standard Staunton design pieces ranging from 1.5 inches for the pawns to 3 inches for the king. Magnets on the bottom of the pieces attach to the metal-under-canvas board, and the whole thing removes from its mounts for tabletop play.

A vertical chess set made of stained wood with transparent acrylic shelves allows play on the wall, with the pieces standing parallel to the board surface. This larger board measure 34 inches by 22 inches and features a “last move” marker so housemates and family can play a game over the course of weeks when their time allows.

Hammacher Schlemmer Wall Scrabble.jpg

Word game lovers can enjoy two options for wall-mounted Scrabble. The World’s Largest Scrabble Game covers nearly 50 square feet and comes with wall-mounted tile storage and birch tile racks that are six feet long and lined with felt. If you can’t afford this hand-made, $12,000 piece of art, they offer a magnetic tile “Walk-By Scrabble Board” for a price comparable to the standard board game. The magnetic version includes an integral dry-erase board and hooks to hang simple magnetic tile racks. Like the vertical chessboard, it works for play-as-you-go games with different family members walking past the board at different times.

Both Scrabble games have been available for some time. The new chess boards will be available in November, shipping in time for Christmas.

Hammacher Schlemmer