Dash Dining App Feature Lets You Search Real-Time Restaurant Atmosphere Remotely

Venue Vibes gives users greater control over how they wish to experience their night on the town

Going out for a drink, bite, or late night boogie can be a daunting task- from finding the right venue to closing out your tab. Dash is a dining app that enhances this overall nightlife experience; its mobile payment platform and bill splitting features are being used by over 100 bars, restaurants, and clubs in New York City and Chicago. Now, the app is ramping up its venue search function with Venue Vibes, a feature that lets customers check out the atmosphere of nearby restaurants in real-time.

Using crowdsourced data from participating locations’ POS systems, Venue Vibes tells potential customers what the scene is like before they arrive. At first, it seems like this could hurt business by driving customers away from both overly crowded venues and empty spaces. But then again, every diner/club-goer is looking for a little something different.

When searching for a venue on the app, locations will be listed as either Lively, Active, Relaxed, or Quiet. So if you’re looking for a raging party, you might want to go to a venue listed as lively. Or if you just want to set up a casual date, relaxed might be your choice.

When it comes to dining out, there is so much that goes into creating a unique and memorable experience. It’s not just the food or the decorations that give a venue its appeal; customer interaction, music choice, and employee service all affect the dining environment and make a lasting impression on the customer. Venue Vibes is giving users more control over the way they choose to spend their night out, and is reflective of the growing user demand for experience customization.venue_vibes_dash_app_psfk.png