Santa’s Sleigh Gets A 21st Century Makeover This Christmas

British metal supplier has given Santa’s sleigh the ‘James Bond’ treatment with super gadgets for better gift-giving

Santa’s magical sleigh that brings toys to boys and girls across the world is as iconic an image as Santa himself. The sleek red paint, the classic old-school design, the nine flying reindeer towing precious cargo into the night has made appearances in film, on TV, in books and hundreds of different ads. Still, this year, all some might want for Christmas is a sleigh of their own, with a few more modern upgrades.

Metals4U, a West Yorkshire metal supplier, has taken the reins on the redesign and have come up with a sleigh that is perfect for Santa: the GS-900. Equipped with hybrid-powered rocket boosters, heated seats, parking sense, integrate sound system, GPS and Chimney cam, it is the ultimate sleigh for delivering gifts across the globe in one night.

The body is built from super strength metal, it is resist to some of the harshest weather conditions and even has a built in coverntable roof so Santa doesn’t freeze while riding through snow storms. The windshield is even built with layered Lexan Polycarbonate guerrilla glass so Santa can have maximum visibility. And yes, there’s a carrot launcher so the reindeer can have a treat on their long trip.

Sleigh cockpit.jpg

Fred Rowland, Director at Metals4U, discussed the advantages to this modern redesign that still has the heart of the classic:

This shiny new model will provide him with the opportunity to get around the world in more luxury than ever before, on what must be a stressful night to say the least, as well as giving Rudolf and the others a bit of a rest. It just goes to show that metal really is the best for this! It was really important to us that the sleigh was both useful and aesthetically pleasing. We wanted to keep the old-school shape of the sleigh and then kit it out with as much modern day gadgetry as we could get out hands on. We’re hoping that, as a result of the GS-900 launch, Santa will have his most productive year to date!

If you’re in the mood to ride through your neighborhood Santa style, the sleigh is going for £199,995, or about $ 315,000 USD, but you’ll need to supply your own reindeer to pull it.

Sleigh blueprint.jpg