Alexander Wang Gives the World a $8.8K Beanbag Chair

Balenciaga’s creative director has teamed up with Poltrona Frau to create a luxury redoing of a banal, everyday item


High fashion also comes at a high price, especially when made by a top designer. Alexander Wang, current Creative Director at Balenciaga, has created a three-piece furniture set for century-old Italian furniture manufacturer Poltrona Frau. The collection, set to come out this February, features a brass-footed shearling beanbag chair, retailing for $8,800, as well as a second leather beanbag and a bar cabinet with wheels and brass shelving.


This new collection was inspired by nearly a decade’s worth of meditation on home decor, as Wang tells the Wall Street Journal:

Over the last 10 years, furniture is where my interest has really evolved. When I started working in fashion, I always had an idea of an environment in my head, but how to actualize it, and what the references meant, that’s new.

As for why Wang chose to use a beanbag rather than the more traditionally structured chair, he explains in the same interview that it was about taking the familiar and raising it to a higher artistic standard:

It’s a banal, everyday item. We always had them in the TV room. But I like to recontextualize what is banal, what is luxurious. To make it with Poltrona, that just completely changes it. And yet at the end of the day, it’s still a beanbag chair. I love that.


This is not Wang’s first foray into the world of furniture. He released an eight-piece home goods collection, entitled OBJECTS, back in 2012 which included mock crocodile-skin coasters and smoked glass ashtrays. He also created a fox fur hammock for his first store in New York City. While his latest collection may cost more than the average home decor budget in full, these chic pieces add a touch of art and style to any room, at a price at least worth talking about.

Poltrona Frau

Lead image: Owen Lin // Creative Commons // No changes made