Presenting a Motorized Cooler You Can Ride to the Party

Dragging a cooler around is a chore but what about one that doubles as your mode of transportation?

When filled with ice and refreshments, a heavy cooler will require serious power and dedication to lug around. Startup company Kreweser has come up with a handy solution and it involves a motorized vehicle.

It looks part all-terrain vehicle but is essentially a motorized tricycle with a seat made out of a cooler. The Kreweser boasts 94 quarts of usable space inside – that translates to 96 cans of beer plus ice – enough for a backyard afternoon barbecue in most cases.

The front wheel on the trike has a torquey hub motor. It has 500 watts of power translating to about a 400-pound load capacity, which is enough for the average person and a sizable crowd’s supply of cold refreshments.

The big cooler, which doubles as the seat, could also be separated from the tricycle, making for a handy feature when transporting the Kreweser to a faraway party or game.

The 48 Volt 8ah battery is capable of a 17-mile range and top speeds of 18 mph. It takes 5-6 hours to charge and reduces to a size of 36″ x 23″ x 25″ when folded. As of now, a pledge of $649 through Kickstarter will get you one of your own Kreweser coolers.


The cooler could also be customized with skins of any design you want for $949.

“Pump Up the Jams” is an add-on for two 165-watt marine grade speakers to be installed to the speakers. This system is built on the cooler walls and will not decrease usable cooler space. The speakers will be able to play music wirelessly through Bluetooth. This variant comes at $1,049.

Kreweser Jams.jpg


Overall, it’s an exciting concept, especially when dreaming about cruising the neighborhood seated atop a bountiful supply of cold drinks. Unfortunately, though, you’ll be unable to add the Kreweser to your holiday shopping list as this nifty vehicle won’t be rolling out until the end of February next year.