Resumé That Looks Like a Milk Carton

A graphic designer presents his CV in a somewhat unique, rather colorful format

A Brazilian designer has created his resume in the all-too-familar milk carton shape. The colorful box has four sides and a sloping lid, all showcasing the qualifications of its creator, Samuel Profeta. As one of his projects for a Graduate Diploma in Design Management, the milk carton shows a lively approach to the usual, flat paper resume.

On each side of the carton information formatted to match the theme. The front of the box features quick tidbits like the name, tag-line and age. On one side, the designer’s experience and qualifications are listed and on the opposite, a table made to look like a nutritional information chart shows all LinkedIn recommendations. On the lid is more glance-worthy items like “10 years in the business” and “speaks fluent English.”

milk box resume 2.jpg

Appearing as a clever way to stand-out, Profeta’s carton actually compares how a person and a product are very much alike. The person, when he or she is a prospect for a job, becomes a set of qualifications, potentially better but just like the rest. How easy positive bits of information are transferred to the potential employer is one of the essentials of a successful resume, just like a product in a supermarket to a consumer. The recycling logo at the back of the box, just below contact, is an eerie nod to how a person is reduced to an easily tangible block of information.

mil box resume 3.jpg

The milk carton is delightfully bursting in color. Yellow, which is the creator’s favorite , overtakes the others and the joyful aesthetic calls to mind Brazil’s Rio Festival. As you might expect, Profeta (his real last name that translates to prophet), is just as whimsical. For example, he’d like to be friends with Willy Wonka and to own a unicorn.

Profeta has worked for many clients such as FIAT, GE and Coca-Cola. He obtained an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design from Escola de Design (UEMG) and furthered his studies with a Design Management diploma from the Centro Universitario Belas Artes de São Paulo, Brazil.

Samuel Profeta / The Dieline