With Me is a stick you put in your beverage to keep it hot during the cold season

A Starbucks paper bag will either end up in some crevice at home or in the bin – so why not upcycle it into a wallet? Upcycling is a great eco-friendly solution that turns trash into something far more valuable.

Mr. Zhou, a Taiwanese advertising agent, came up with a simple idea – to upcycle the paper bag into a cost-free wallet. While Starbucks illustrates the ubiquity of the materials in this nifty hack, any high quality paper bag will do just as well.

Things needed:

  • Starbucks paper bag
  • Hobby knife, blade or sharp scissors
  • Double-sided tape

Step 1: Remove the handles of the paper bag and flatten. The less crumpled, the better.

Step 2. Cut into five pieces according to the major creases. You should have one bottom piece, two bigger pieces for the big faces and two smaller ones from the sides.

Step 3. Take one of the bigger pieces and measure the HEIGHT against the tallest bill you’ll be using. Allow wiggle room for the height. Fold the piece up enough to cover the bill.

Step 4. Use the fold from step three again upwards to create three equal parts. The middle panel should become the face of your wallet.

Step 5. Open one of the folds created in Step 4. Fold in a border preferably a little wider than the width of your double-sided tape. Make sure the space in the middle is enough to accommodate the longest bill with sufficient wiggle room.

Step 6. Using the knife, cut on one of the borders where the three folds formed.

Step 7. Insert the borders INSIDE the fold.

Step 8. Fold the last panel in with the border sticking out.

Step 9. Use double sided tape on the borders and secure the side flaps like in the photo. Do the same on both sides.

Now you have what looks more like a simple bifold wallet but there is something missing – the card slots!

For the card slots:

Step 1. Put double-sided tape on the bottom of one of the side pieces of the Starbucks bag. Remove the protective layer and fold up to avoid having a vulnerable paper edge exposed.

Step 2. Use a sample card determine the size of a snug card slot.

Then follow the steps in the photos below:

Now you have all the excess material on the top. Don’t cut it! Instead, fold it to match the height of the wallet and tuck the extra paper inside the flaps at the bottom

If you want additional card pockets, you can follow the instructions from here. It is Chinese but the pictures are sufficient as it is the most complete.

Also, pay attention to where the paper bag logo and design falls in the wallet. Here is a neat way of doing it:

By the looks alone, it could be one of the premium souvenir trinkets they sell at Starbucks. All the money you saved from buying an expensive leather wallet can rest neatly inside this which you made yourself in true D.I.Y. fashion!

Ettoday.net / Photos from minwt.com