Preventable Blindness Awareness Culled from Mismatched Socks

Scandinavian design and innovation-inspired concept shop opens doors on both coasts

Socks. There’s not much to say about them you’d think. They come in pairs. Sometimes you lose one, and then you have to go to work wearing different colored socks. Now, a new startup SWAP Socks is purposefully selling mismatched socks – not just as a fashion statement, but a philanthropic one as well, donating 50% of its profits to Seva Foundation, an eye care charity.

Founders Roger Nahum, Match du Toit, and Cole Page, wanted to create a product with a difference. One SWAP Pack costs $32 and contains four mismatched, but aesthetically similar socks, to be worn together in any which way, to create 6 different pairings.

While they could have just as easily created a sock company of well-designed matching socks, while donating profits to charity, they wanted the socks to be a talking point. The website explains:

Our socks are designed to be distinctly mismatched, yet complementary. They serve as an eye-catching, wearable statement to show support for the movement to end preventable blindness. In the process, they spark natural conversation about the power and privilege of sight, which so many live without.

Blindness affects millions of people around the globe (285 million are either blind or visually impaired) and according to SWAP Socks, 80% of those cases are preventable but most often (90% of cases) occur in developing countries where access to proper eye care is lacking. A combination between lack of information and the low level of importance eye care is given, means that many people are left to lose their sight. Partnering with Seva Foundation, half of SWAP Socks profits will go to raising awareness of eye care in these countries as well as better eye care services, such as eye exams, low cost glasses and medications for eye infections.

SWAP Socks recently launched on Indiegogo to fund its first round of socks. Should they reach their funding goal ($36,000) they will also launched SWAP 20/20 with Seva, a program to fund 40 cataract surgeries (20 for children and 20 for adults), in Nepal, a country where cataracts are a leading cause of blindness.

SWAP Socks is a brilliant way of bringing together philanthropy with the trendiness of cool socks, while sparking the conversation around an underrepresented global problem. Who knew socks could do so much?

SWAP Socks