Single-Wheel Motorcycle Soon Ready for Market

The RYNO, a one-wheeled electric micro-cycle that can travel up to speeds of 10 mph, is finally set to enter production

The RYNO is a one-wheeled motorcycle that balances itself front-to-back while the rider maintains balance side-to-side. It is able to travel up to speeds of 10 mph, which puts it in the same category as the Segway, and is also being aimed at the same demographic of people who currently use Segways.

The personal mobility vehicle was inspired by a child’s imagination. Inventor Chris Hoffmann’s 13-year-old daughter saw a similar motorcycle in a video game and asked if it would be possible to build such a design in real-life. Hoffmann, an engineer from Portland, Oregon with 15 years of auto industry engineering experience designing heavy plant machinery, then turned her dream into a futuristic reality.


Six years and three prototypes later, the vehicle is set to enter production. It has been described as the “one-wheeled, ultra-efficient urban personal transportation device of the next generation”. The RYNO uses advanced motion-sensor technology to detect input from its rider and reacts accordingly. When you lean forward, the bike will accelerate, and when you lean back, the bike will stand up taller and slow down.

The micro-cycle has a low and balanced center of gravity to make it easy to manage a variety of twists and turns. Its seat and handlebar relationship is taken from existing motorcycle standards, creating a naturally comfortable ride. To turn the RYNO, the rider simply has to look and lean in the direction they want to go, with only subtle movements needed.


The one-wheeled vehicle is high-tech but not high maintenance. Other than regular charging of the battery system (its rechargeable batteries provide enough power for a ten mile journey after a six hour charge) and checking to make sure the tire is properly inflated, the RYNO doesn’t need much maintaining to keep running smooth.

The vehicle is also easy to park, as the rider just needs to step off, deactivate the Balance System, set the RYNO down on the built-in parking bumpers, and put on the parking brake. Those interested in getting their hands on a RYNO can pre-order one for $5,295. You can check out the one-wheeled micro-cycle in action in the video below: