Hospitality Chain Wants To Bring Your Hotel Room To You

Scandic To Go offers a reverse take on hospitality, bringing a hotel room to guests’ suggested location

Food to go, sure. Your hotel to go? Not so much. But that is the premise of Scandic To-Go, a mobile hotel room that travels around Sweden to wherever the guest wants to stay.

Scandic is a Swedish hotel chain that has a presence across the Nordics as well as Belgium, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands. But despite the plethora of locations, Scandic wanted to make it even more convenient for guests by allowing them to request a room that comes to them.


The room in question actually looks a lot like a shipping container from the outside, but within it is all that you’d expect from a hotel. The 18m mobile room includes two beds, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning as well as a terrace to enjoy the views of wherever the room happens to be. There is also a fully equipped bathroom, and breakfast is even included – all for the price of SKR 2500 (approximately $330) a night.

People who want to take advantage of this mobile hotel room can put in a request to have it place in any location they desire – but since it has to be moved by a crane, mountain tops are out of the question.

Since the program launched in June, the hotel has been situated in the city center of Stockholm, by a lake in Finland and on a Swedish beach.

Scandic To Go comes at a time when consumer expectations are high – with the always on mentality of the internet, and the rise of same-day delivery and other retail options, people are beginning to demand more and more things come to them. The concept takes a retail idea and translates it to hospitality, by also giving people an experience they cannot find anywhere else.

Scandic To Go