App Matches Hikers Based on Interests and Location encourages like-minded strangers to connect offline and go on walks

Long-term travelers who are always up and going from one city to the next are afforded the pleasures of the world, but sometimes at the cost of their relationships. Continual travel makes it difficult to quickly and easily find like-minded individuals and develop meaningful friendships before it comes time to move onto the next place. But walking and talking, in any city, is a pleasurable activity. A new app uses the universal pastime to connect users: strangers who share a mutual love for hiking.

Hikewith.Me is a location-based activity app that connects people with similar interests to go on a walk together. The app was founded by a duo of travelers who experienced the difficulty of connecting with like-minded individuals in a new city. As they continued to explore, they methodically said goodbye to friends and met new ones in the process. However, they wanted a one-stop service that connected them with other hiking enthusiasts, an interest that would foster interesting conversation and experiences.

When users sign up for the service, they fill out a brevity of questions about their interests. The app prompts a list of nearby hikers available for a future walk and offers a compatibility percentage. Rather than back and forth messaging to confirm potential friendship chemistry, users simply chose a date and time from the in-app calendar system to meet and walk.

Hikewith.Me encourages users to leverage the technology to find value in an offline interaction. With services such as Meetup and Couchsurfing at our disposal, there are already a number of interest-centric opportunities to meet new people. However, Hike With Me wants to foster more meaningful face-to-face communication, encouraging people to meet up for an outdoor activity because it not only stimulates conversation but allows them to explore an old or familiar city in a different context.

The algorithm connects personalities similar to other match matching social networks but with an emphasis on hiking. While it significantly minimizes the range of users on the service, it also makes it easier to market to the right audience who appreciate the art of hiking and want to share it with others. Purposefully, Hikewith.Me is an opportunity to connect travelers with locals, or locals with locals over a shared social experience in hopes of fostering new, meaningful relationships beyond our stream of in-service social messaging.


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