3 Personal Transit Vehicles That Will Change The Way We Commute

Is it a car, is it a bike? No, they’re urban mobility solutions to make scooting around town much easier

Solutions for the last mile – that distance between public transportation and the home/office – have always been essential in getting more people to adopt more eco-friendly transit in urban environments. But now, more than ever, a number of startups are creating urban mobility solutions with the features that consumers demand. Here are three new personal transit vehicles being unveiled by manufacturers at CES 2015 that will be available later this year.


GenZe.jpg transit vehicles

This electric scooter was created after thorough market research with millennials and urban commuters. GenZe discovered the pain points for this market (parking, gas prices, ability to carry belongings) and designed an eco-friendly vehicle to meet these needs. Key specs include a 7-inch touch screen display and a removable, rechargeable battery that can be charged at any 110v outlet. The vehicle speed tops out at 30 mph and can travel 30 miles on a full charge. While license requirements may vary by state, most will not require a full motorcycle license for operation. The GeZe will be built domestically in Ann Arbor, Michigan and launch in March 2015 in California and Oregon.


INU.jpg transit vehicles

INU is a portable personal transportation vehicle that’s built for short trips within a city or as a complementary option to public transit. One key feature in its lightweight design is the ability to fold on command (via gesture or voice using your smartphone), which makes it manageable in small home or office spaces. INU also comes equipped with a phone dock, GPS and GSM. The eco-friendly vehicle was designed by automotive engineers, designers and veteran business leaders at Green Ride. Its booth at CES 2015 will be the first time a finished model is revealed and pre sales are expected to begin in the coming months.


Ecoreco-scooter.jpg transit vehicles

The Ecoreco Scooter is a vehicle designed for short trips when walking is a bit out of reach – think short commutes, coffee runs, or traveling within large college or corporate campuses. Its quiet, electromagnetic motor produces zero exhaust or CO2 emissions and powers riders to a top speed of 20 mph. Ecoreco can travel 23 miles on a single charge from any wall outlet and uses an energy efficient LFP battery that is inexpensive to charge. Because Ecoreco folds up and only weighs 34 lbs, it can easily be stored in a gym locker or under a seat on a train or bus. Ecoreco debuted its M5 Scooter model at CES 2015.


Looking at what features each manufacturer chose to include suggests what consumers are looking for in these types of transit vehicles. Connectedness with other devices, low emissions and portability seem to be themes that those in the market for these vehicles value the most. It will be interesting to see if a clear winner emerges and how these vehicles impact where people choose to live and work.

Ecoreco Scooter