PSFK Gift Guide Spotlight: littleBits

Magnetic modules magically snap together in a makers dream kit

littleBits Premium Kit allows anyone to make their own electronic creations with no soldering, wiring, or programming required. Conceived at the MIT Media Lab, littleBits includes electronic modules that simply snap together with magnets to use them for prototyping, learning, and fun. The collection of 14 color-coded modules can make over 600,000 possible circuit combinations with specific functions such as lights, motion and sound. littleBits has won over 20 toy awards on its path to demystify electronics and spark the world’s next generation of inventors.


Just in time for the holidays, PSFK has created a unique Gift Guide full of ideas to help you live, work, and play better. This carefully curated selection of items has been hand-picked by analyzing quantitative and qualitative data from As a source for new products and services, the 2014 PSFK Gift Guide serves as a snapshot of the next-generation products in the retail ecosystem as inspired by former PSFK Labs research.

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