Prizm Customizes Music Based on People in the Room, Time of Day

Music device allows you to hear different tunes depending on your preferences

If you’re tired of being phone-dependent for your tunes, Prizm offers a customized solution that plays the type of music you like at the times of day you want to hear it. The innovative device allows you to press a like button or skip button when songs play, and then personalizes the music to suit your tastes. Prizm goes beyond suggesting tunes based on your profile though — it also takes into account the time of day and other people in the room. Prizm can detect the number of people in the room and tailor music to suit everyone’s tastes.

Prizm works by streaming music directly from the cloud over WiFi. When you like a song, you press the like button, and the song will automatically be added to any playlists you have synced on your phone (via Spotify, Soundcloud or Deezer), which gives you access to new music wherever you go.


One of the unique features of Prizm is it changes music suggestions based on the time of day. Prizm pays attention to when you like what songs, so the device knows that you prefer hip hop in the morning, for instance, and jazz before bed. By keeping a profile for you and using algorithms to keep updated with the circumstances, Prizm is guaranteed to give you the kind of music you want when you want it.

Prizm also helps you discover new tunes, offering song recommendations daily based on your preferences. You can wake up to a new song each morning, so you never get stuck in a musical rut. Prizm also lets you to go to sleep with music playing without having to worry about turning it off. Prizm can gradually go to sleep as you do so.

When you set up Prizm, you can enter the information of your mobile devices so Prizm can always identify you. Prizm allows you to do the same with others who come over, so when you’re home with your significant other, for instance, Prizm will mix up a playlist based on both of your music preferences. By using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals from phones or wearables, Prizm can concoct a customized playlist based on people in the room.

When you have a big group over, Prizm can adapt to the situation, using algorithms involving the number of people in the room, sound level detected, the time of day and week. So, for instance, if you have a couple of people over for yoga on a Sunday morning, Prizm will play peaceful tunes, whereas a big, loud group on Friday night will bring on some party anthems. When Prizm detects several users in the room, it merges everyone’s profile and throws out tunes to please the assembled crowd.


Prizm works with a wide range of speakers so you can use whatever speakers you prefer without having to buy expensive new equipment. You do not need any other equipment for the Prizm, but there is a Prizm app for Android and iOS devices that you can use for a remote control feature. This gives you the convenience of responding to songs you like or dislike from any room.

Prizm has been fully funded on Kickstarter, where some units are still available if you pledge $119 or more. The estimated delivery date is June 2015.