Six Emerging Trends At CES 2015 – Your Handy Guide From PSFK + MDC

Get the most out of CES 2015 and download this curated guide based on six emerging trends

From what’s in the palm of our hand to life inside our home, how we drive, work and play, today’s cutting-edge technologies are shaping how we will experience tomorrow. PSFK and MDC Partners have teamed up to take you to the front lines of innovation at January’s Consumer Electronics Show with this best-of guide, available for download here.

This guide takes a glimpse at the must-see gadgets, emerging trends, key events and biggest themes for CES 2015 and beyond. The PSFK Labs has handpicked the most relevant agenda items against their research and expertise based on the following six emerging trends:

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The Omni-Channel Consumer: Today’s connected consumer occupies a world where multi-device ownership and usage is the new norm. On top of this, the primacy of the mobile phone is further blurring the lines between on and offline, digital and physical. This has created a consumer who expects experiences that are personal, relevant and available on-demand. As a result, retailers, marketers and brands must learn to navigate this complex landscape, taking advantage of new digital tools and platforms to reach their audiences regardless of where they choose to interact.

IMmersive Entertainment.jpg

Immersive Entertainment: As audio quality, graphics and displays become more sophisticated and affordable, viewers and users can take a deeper dive into their content. This emerging, multi-sensory virtual reality opens the door to new forms of entertainment and media that will change the way brands and marketers engage their audiences through immersive forms of storytelling.

Urban Mobility.jpg

Urban Mobility: Today’s innovations around urban mobility – self-driving cars, drones, electric vehicles, ride sharing – are transforming how we operate and get around our cities. When information and media can flow freely between vehicles and other devices, the experience of driving, and more broadly the possibilities of transportation, will literally reshape our world. This complex landscape presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for policy makers, stakeholders and users. By understanding how these technologies will change the future of mobility, marketers can create a greater understanding around new consumer journeys.

lg smart home.jpg

The Connected Home: The emergence of networked sensors and sophisticated algorithms promise a more integrated, automated and intuitive home. From interfaces that enable people to control their lighting and appliances, to contextual operating systems that anticipate individual needs, connected homes will respond to their owners in new and exciting ways. Beyond creating simple conveniences, the ultimate success of these technologies will be measured by their overall impact on the quality of our lives. Marketers must figure out how their product can live in this new connected ecosystem and how the home can become a new media channel.


The Creative Economy: A new slate of tools and technologies are democratizing the means of production and distribution, giving us the ability to bring ideas to life and compete against large incumbents. From digital content to physical products, this is transforming from a niche movement into a disruptive force in the marketplace. As the lines between creator and consumer become harder to differentiate, retailers, marketers and brands need to find ways to participate in this new economy and empower their audiences to take part.


The Wearable World: The increasing ‘wearability’ of devices alters our physical relationship with technology. The ability to capture, track and analyze highly intimate data gives us deeper insights into our personal lives and behaviors. While this information is intended to improve our lifestyles, if not managed correctly, the volume and frequency of alerts can add more complexity and stress. Brands and marketers must play a vital role in this emerging landscape by respecting how they communicate and engage with their audiences through these new interfaces.

Get the most out of CES this year and download the full guide for an overview of the best booths and events as well as ideal daily schedule suggestions. Downloads are available direct from Slideshare here.

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