Virtual Reality Headset Boasts Quality and Pricing Suited for Masses

Kickstarter-backed VISR virtual reality headset is durable and inexpensive

Virtual reality is assumed to be an expensive hobby—most virtual reality headsets retail for several hundred dollars. Too expensive for anyone but serious gamers. However, Kickstarter-backed VISR is a durable virtual reality headset that retails for less than $30, offering a virtual reality experience for the masses.

VISR is a smartphone-compatible virtual reality headset, meaning users can insert their existing smartphones into the product and enjoy an immersive experience. A downloadable application (available for Android and iOS) splits the smartphone image, while lenses within the headset reconstruct it as a 3D experience. The headset, made of laminated corrugated cardboard, includes a comfortable head strap and blocks light fully.

OfVISR arrives fully assembled (it only needs to be “popped up”) and costs £15, or approximately $23—much more affordable than Oculus Rift’s original Doom, which retailed for $275.

VISR Virtual Reality headset.jpg

Because of its cardboard exterior, VISR has been frequently compared to Google Cardboard, a DIY virtual reality headset that the search engine debuted at its 2014 Google I/O. Though both VISR and Google Cardboard celebrate a “maker” aesthetic, they vary in quality and convenience. Unlike VISR, Google’s product is made of an unlaminated cardboard, which is flimsier and lets in more light. Additionally, while Cardboard is fully DIY, VISR requires minimal work or technical skill to assemble.

VISR’s middle-of-the-road approach to both pricing and quality positions it as the first VR headset for use by the everyday consumer. Its cardboard exterior and low price-point invite consumers who would otherwise be deterred from investing in a new technology, while easy assembly requires minimal technical background.

VISR aims to make immersive virtual reality “something that can be experienced by everyone.”

On Kickstarter, VISR has raised £5,289 from 180 people to date, and aims to fundraise £25,000 by Feburary 6.

VISR Virtual Reality Headset