7 Stories You Need to Know Today

Playstation music, Amazon email, and grown-up mustaches are signs of thing to come

Ridesharing app Lyft rolls out a new marketing campaign and updated mustache (Fast Company)

There’s a new head of this data household: the Federal Trade Commission releases  best-practice recommendations for the Internet of Things (Slate)

Playstation and Spotify team up for a new streaming service, Playstation Music (TNW)

AT&T is launching a new ad campaign…on Snapchat (Wired)

On the field or on your phone? Facebook announces it will offer real-time updates and video during SuperBowl XLIX (Facebook)

Amazon enters the email game (Forbes)

7 potential applications for Microsoft’s HoloLens headset, including a real-life game of “the floor is lava” (The Verge)


Photos courtesy of: Lyft