‘Legends Of Science’ Flashcards Show Superstars Of Science World

A more enjoyable way to learn about 25 of history’s greatest scientists

You may not have a “favorite” scientist, but that’s very likely to change once you get your hands on the “Legends of Science” flashcards. Apart from the obvious like Albert Einstein, there’s also famous names such as Jane “Donkey Kong” Goodall and Charles “Super Finch” Darwin. Add some extremely creative illustrations to the mix and you’ve got a great way to bone up on scientists from past and present.

Some people do science to an acceptable level. Others exceed acceptability and become great. Still others can never stop studying and exploring and learning, and eventually become legends. These legends should never be forgotten, so, to help you study up on them, we found these Legends of Science Flashcards.

Illustrated by Marc Scheff, there are 25 scientists in total – 10 from the past, and 15 from contemporary times. You can expect to find names like Newton, Darwin, and Marie Curie, along with modern-day scientists like Jane Goodall, Stephen Hawking, and Jocelyn Bell.

The Legends of Science Flashcards are the superstars of the science world, all rocking out in one big band of brainy geniuses from the third rock from the sun. Learn about them, respect them, and, if you can, continue their work exploring every aspect of our universe in a valiant attempt to understand it all.

Printed on thick card, the set comes packaged is a sliding storage box so you can study your favorite scientists even while out and about. Each card features a scientist’s name, year of birth (and death if applicable), birthplace, field, claim to fame, meaningful quote, aspiration, and fact of note.


Maybe you’re curious to learn more about history’s greatest scientists, or maybe you want to find a better way for your children to study up for school, either way, the Legends of Science Flashcards are likely to appeal to more than a few people.

You can buy the cards here for $15.99.