Can Design Education Help Position Dubai As The Design Capital Of The World?



Technology november 30, 2016

Platform Lets People Train AI Programs To Write Fiction

Literai is a community that uses neural networks to automate storytelling by computers

Gaming & Play november 28, 2016

Game Teaches Children How To Empathize

Me is a new storytelling app that helps kids work out their feelings of both love and fear


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Health november 23, 2016

Wearable Device Could Make Dealing With Asthma Easier

Respia was developed to make life easier for those with the respiratory condition and help take their mind off of always worrying about their condition

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Pablo Slough

Mobile Advertising

Travel november 23, 2016

Language App Bot Simulates Real Conversations

Duolingo's latest app feature bots lets users test their language skills in A.I. fueled conversations to help them practice pressure-free

Sustainability november 22, 2016

This Inhaler Combats The Negative Effects Of Air Pollution

German medical device company Bitop is looking for a new way to protect at-risk populations, particularly in countries with developing industry

Entertainment november 18, 2016

Google's AI Experiments Use Machine-Learning Technology

Users can play with machine learning in eight applications created by the tech company


Future Of Retail 2017
Transformation Strategies For Customer-First Business

PSFK Op-Ed december 2, 2016

Customer Service Expert: Why Offline Retail Has Better Data Than Online Retail

Healey Cypher, Founder and CEO of Oak Labs, shares why we should be thinking about the physical store as an e-commerce site

PSFK Labs december 1, 2016

Retail Spotlight: Home Depot Reimagines How Employees Conduct Tasks

The home improvement retailer puts the customer first by initiating local fulfillment centers and simplifying freight-to-shelf inventory management

Technology november 14, 2016

New AI Software Reads Lips Better Than Any Human

The University of Oxford developed a new app that can more accurately read lips to make communication easier

Media & Publishing november 7, 2016

Amazon Reading Service Will Tell Stories To Kids Through Chat

Hundreds of original stories are on offer, told through the lens of characters messaging each other

Children november 4, 2016

Barber Offers A Discount For Any Kid Who Reads A Book

To promote literacy, the shop gives younger customers $2 off their haircut if they bring along their own reading

Children november 3, 2016

Cute Wooden Robot Teaches Kids About Computer Programming

Cubetto lets children create sequences of instructions to program the bot's movements

Gaming & Play november 1, 2016

Meet The Startup Behind Some Of Virtual Reality's Biggest Hits

Simplygon hopes to streamline graphics, performance and production efforts for mind-blowing experiences in the near future


Future Of Work
Cultivating The Next Generation Of Leaders

Health october 17, 2016

Take A Virtual Reality Tour Inside The Human Body

The gaming experience is designed to make health education more interactive and fun

Education october 13, 2016

You Can Now Become A Certified Cannabis Expert

The Trichrome Institute is granting certifications to marijuana enthusiasts

Technology october 12, 2016

Play A Game With Microbes Using A Microscope On Your Phone

An open-source device developed at Stanford University turns microbiology into an interactive and educational tool

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