By Kiran Aditham
on November 21, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Airbnb is adding liability insurance for hosts, hundreds of U.S. grocery stores are embracing Apple Pay and TGI Fridays hopes to enhance your experience with mistletoe drones

Travel/lodging brand Airbnb is adding liability insurance to cover hosts if guests are injured. Re/Code

Nike has opened the doors to its first store dedicated to women in Newport Beach, CA. Bloomberg Businessweek

Facebook has posted three new job openings for its drone team as part of its effort to bring internet to everyone. The Next Web

A startup called Magic Leap has raised over $500 million by building “augmented reality you can actually believe in.” Gizmodo

TGI Fridays UK is planning to unleash mistletoe drones to add to the restaurant experience. We don’t foresee any problems here. GigaOm

Apple Pay is invading hundreds of U.S. grocery stores. Mashable

Worried about the damage from dropping your phone on the street? Maybe Gorilla Glass 4 can help. Ars Technica