By Kiran Aditham
on September 15, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Linou unveils its sleek wearable tech watch and necklace that flawlessly fuse fashion and function

Fuji Xerox is testing an automated roving robot printer in Tokyo. Ars Technica

Custom GIF keyboards are coming iOS 8. The Verge

MIT’s Media Lab is planning a fall 2014 hackathon devoted to fixing the breast pump. Quartz

The co-founders of Oculus have gifted $35 million to build a computer science wing at the University of Maryland. Engadget

German magician Simon Pierro has been tapped as an official iPad Lego stage magician to promote to the Lego Fusion. CNet

Folks from Vice, Mozilla and Mondelez predict the future of media companies, food and user capabilities. The Drum

Kickstarter has formed a partnership with Art Basel. Kickstarter Blog

Image: Lego