By Kiran Aditham
on November 25, 2014

Apple Pay and Chase join up for a TV spot, Twitter is no longer ‘self-absorbed’ and there will be rules when it comes to flying a drone

Praise gets bestowed upon the New Yorker’s print meets digital cover feature. It’s Nice That

Next-day delivery should provoke retailers to “fight” the disruption. Wired

Apparently, Twitter has ceased just being a tool for the “self-absorbed.” The Drum

Expect a bigger influx of robot exhibits at the upcoming CES conference in January. CEA

Chase touts Apple Pay for the first time in a TV spot. AdAge

Do you need a license to fly a drone? Well, the rules are expected to be finalized next year. Quartz

Perhaps we could learn a thing or two from Europe when it comes to food deliveries. Citylab