7 Stories You Need to Know Today

Robots meet AP journalism, 3D printing meets Hershey, and a smartphone app meets birth control refills

Here come the robot bylines, millions per week, in fact (The Verge)

Eyes on the road, hand on the wheel – a new Google patent envisions a future where cars feature more intuitive gesture controls (Quartz)

Unmanned aerial vehicles will not share airspace with football on Sunday, as the FAA ruled the Super Bowl stadium (and its 30-mile surroundings) a “no drone zone” (Gigaom)

Thanks to a partnership between Walgreens and a reproductive health app, women can now refill their birth control prescriptions through their phones (Mashable)

Imagine never seeing ‘Insufficient Fare’ at the subway turnstile again – should public transportation be free? (CityLab)

Sweet 3D printing victory – Hershey will permanently install a CocoJet Printer at Chocolate World in May (Ad Age)

“Loosening the link between birth and success would make America richer—far too much talent is currently wasted. It might also make the nation more cohesive.” (Economist)

Lead image: Laurence Simon // CC // No changes made