App Recognizes Charity Logos for Easy Donating

SnapDonate removes the need for cash with one-click donating to charities

If you’re passing by a charity you want to support and don’t have any change, you’re in luck – now there’s an app for that. SnapDonate, a free app for Android devices (with an iOS version in the works), makes donating a snap. To use it, simply point your phone at a charity logo. The “magic lens” will recognize the logo and then you can donate the amount of your choice via JustGiving, a fundraising platform.

SnapDonate, a UK-based app, currently recognizes dozens of logos and can send donations to 13,000 UK charities. When you send a donation via the app, there are no charges or fees, no ads are shown, and your payment information is not stored in the app. There is a donation minimum of £2.


Although SnapDonate does not charge a fee, JustGiving deducts its standard handling fee. However, by using Gift Aid, JustGiving is able to recoup the fee and then some, adding on to the total donation. So if you make a £10 donation, for instance, the charity receives £11.74 in aid. It’s a win-win for everyone, and you didn’t need to go digging through your pockets for extra change.

SnapDonate and JustGiving are both non-profit entities designed to make it easier to donate to charity. In today’s low-cash society, charities miss out on a lot of impulse giving, and SnapDonate is designed to combat this problem and make it easy to give “on the go.”


When you give using the SnapDonate app, your payment information stays secure with JustGiving, which has world-class security standards. No personal data is kept within the SnapDonate app itself.

If you snap a charity logo that is not yet included in the logo recognition system, you can still search the app and find about 13,000 UK charities listed. Logos are continually being added. Although the app is based in the UK, you can make donations from anywhere in the world. If you donate to an international charity, the funds will go to its UK operation.

You can get to giving and download SnapDonate in the Google Play store. An iOS version is coming soon.