Skinny Portable Home For Singles

Heijmans ONE is a movable building design for single home households that takes only a day of set-up

Heijmans ONE could well be the answer to the current housing crisis hitting Europe hard. According to Home Builders Federation, “In 2012/13 England had one of the lowest house building rates since 1923 and the price of the average home purchased is now almost 7x the average annual salary of the buyer.” The youngest demographics, who are most likely to live in single homes, have been hit the hardest, finding it almost impossible to get on the property ladder without assistance from family and high-interest bank loans.

Heijmans-ONE-Zeeburgereiland-Amsterdam-4 (1).jpgThis is where Heijmans ONE comes in. Heijmans, the Netherlands construction company and architectural firm Moodworks Architecture, have designed a concept home that can be placed temporarily in urban areas, or anywhere for that matter, taking only a day to construct. The 45m2 house is well designed and includes all the amenities anyone would need and more – a kitchen, bathroom, spacious living room, separate bedroom and a patio. It’s made from solid wood and uses Aerspire solar panels that enable the house to generate its own energy. The house itself can even be moved via a truck to a more permanent plot once the tenants feel accustomed to the space.

Heijmans-ONE-Interior-2 (1).jpgThe aim is to help young singles who have been struck by the current housing crisis within the major cities in Europe, while utilizing empty spaces giving it a green element. Using unused spaces as opposed to building upwards is more beneficial both aesthetically and when it comes to economical factors.

Communications Manager Arjan Hofmann explains the inspiration behind the project to PSFK,

“First, the young professionals on the housing market, who are unable to find a beautiful, qualitative and affordable house. Secondly, the social issue of derelict sites in urban areas. Combining those two issues, we came up with the idea of temporary use and movable homes. We can offer a housing solution for those young professionals while those vacant lots get a function. By placing the ONE in these areas, they ‘come to life’.”

Heijmans-ONE-Interior-6 (1).jpgWith close to a fifth of women and a third of men between 20 and 34 still living at home in the U.K., and first time buyers at record lows, this idea comes at a most welcoming time. Even if it is in its beginning stages, (Heijmans plans to role out the first 30 ‘ONEs’ by summer 2015) this could be the light at the end of the tunnel for so many young people struggling to feel settled across Europe and beyond.