High-Visibility Reflective Clothing Meets Stylish Design

Henrichs is a collection of pieces that make cyclists, runners, and pedestrians be more visible in the dark

Sara Henrichs, fashion designer, journalist and former travel editor of global design magazine Wallpaper, has launched her own line of stylish and functional garments with reflective design.

Henrichs is a new brand of high-visibility reflective clothing for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, running, and more. The pieces in the fashion collection are all designed to be waterproof, windproof, and highly visible in the dark by up to 100 meters. The concept for the collection is to provide high-visibility reflective clothing to fashion-minded urban dwellers without sacrificing style.

Sara Henrichs is an urban cyclist herself and hopes that her collection will encourage cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts to always be mindful of safety when going out to ride or engage in their outdoor activities.


On her company website, Henrichs says,

There are so many cyclists, bikers, and joggers at night in cities who need to be safer. Most of them have their own fashion style and don’t want to wear the yellow hi-vis stuff. My design will encourage them to look stylish and be safer. My collection allows people to wear what they would normally want to wear as they can wear Henrichs on top of their shirt, suit, dress or coat throughout the year.

Henrichs’ reflective clothing collection include vests, capes, collars, and bands. The brand has pieces for women, men, kids, and even dogs. The pieces can be worn easily over the wearer’s clothing or coat and are suited for any season. Each piece can be folded into a portable and convenient size and secured with a reflective band, which also doubles as a wrist or arm band.


The collection is 100% made by artisans in London, England. The clothes are made by a team in North London while the logo is hand-embossed on each piece by a dedicated craftsman in West London. Henrichs uses material by Schoeller AG, the leading Swiss-based company that makes the reflective material and fabrics used by protective organizations from all over the globe.

View more images of pieces from the collection below.