Large-Format Camera Sells for Unbelievably Cheap

The Intrepid 4×5 is an analog large format camera that sells for just $200

The Intrepid 4×5 Large Format Field Camera will definitely get the attention of analog photography enthusiasts. Especially at the $208 (£129) price tag, it is an incredible steal.

The Intrepid does little to innovate how its vintage predecessors function. The creators just wanted a camera that takes great photos in the legitimate old-fashioned way. As they pointed out, the Intrepid 4×5 is not an an instrument of convenience but of art.

Because of the high-quality plywood used to make the the camera, it weighs just around 1.2 kg, which makes it very portable, spare the bulky size. The design makes it look more like a period film prop than a functioning camera. The bellows (the midsections that look like accordions) comes in black, red, blue and green.

intrepid camera set up large format cheap 4 5.jpg

Creators talk about the picture format:

4×5 is an amazing format. The film comes in sheets that are much larger than your standard 35mm- 13x larger in fact. This lends an incredible amount of clarity and depth in your images. The film would be considered “HDR” in the digital world due to the amount of detail it can capture. 4×5 film is still produced and readily available all over the world, with Ilford, Fuji and Kodak manufacturing some of the most high tech films that have ever existed.

The 4×5 format creates higher-resolution analog images compared to the normal 35mm usually used with compact film cameras. They are packaged at one exposure per slide and many manufacturers continue to produce these films. Instant films will also work with the Intrepid camera. In case you were wondering, a focusing screen that lets you compose and focus your image before inserting the film slide is located on the back.

Sample photo intrepid large format camera analog.jpg

Intrepid Camera is a start-up based in the UK and according to them, after their successful Kickstarter run, they’ll be able to create more interesting products in the category.

inside the bag intrepid large format camera folded portable.jpg

The Intrepid 4×5 Large Format Camera returns to the highly manual process of photography in the past. All aspects of the image reproduction depends on the photographer. While it might not be as convenient as mindlessly pressing a shutter and instantly browsing through photos on a digital device, it is really just more fun. With the popularity of instant cameras, more and more analog enthusiasts are joining in and the Intrepid 4×5’s price is a great welcoming gesture.