World’s Thinnest iPad Mount Preserves Gadget Aesthetic with Support

MagBak protects a tablet with silicone pads on the back while allowing users to mount it to most metal surfaces

Developed by engineer Alex Baca and his team at 1Lss Inc, the MagBak is a minimalist iPad mount that allows users to mount their tablets to any metal surfaces.

MagBak claims to be “the world’s thinnest iPad mount” and is made of a soft silicone material with magnets inside. The soft silicone pads on the back serve as added protection for the tablet while still letting users mount the iPad to most metal surfaces. The MagBak raises the iPad about 0.5 mm off a surface to keep it from getting scratched. The iPad mount also provides extra grip for the users when carrying iPads around and works even if the iPad is already fitted with a SmartCover.


To allow users to mount their iPads to non-metal surfaces, the creators of MagBak also came up with the MagStick. The MagStick is a small and thin object that can be attached to surfaces using double-sided tape. Users can then mount their iPads fitted with MagBak to the MagStick.

MagBak allows iPad owners to use their devices in a number of ways. They can mount it on a whiteboard while copying information displayed on the screen. They can mount it on a wall in the kitchen to make it easy to follow the recipes displayed on their device, and more.


Baca and 1Lss ran their first Kickstarter campaign for MagBak back in 2013 and the project reached its goal within three days. That first Kickstarter campaign allowed the creators to further improve on the iPad mount and develop a version that would be suitable for the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

The team’s second Kickstarter campaign for MagBak was successfully funded last April and MagBak is now available on the 1Lss Store for $39. The iPad mount is available for iPad 2 through 4, iPad Air, and iPad Mini, and each purchase of a MagBak comes with two MagSticks. MagBak is also available in seven different color options.


Check out the product video for MagBak below.


Source: Design Milk