Tear Drop Chair Visualizes Emotional Life Events

Product Design Center’s 64 liters of “tears” remind us that there is no happiness without sadness

If you could collect all the tears that an average human sheds in a lifetime, you would be left with 64-liters of salty solution. Keita Suzuki, a designer from the Japanese firm Product Design Center, decided to visualize this fact in the form of a “tear drop chair.” Not only does it bring the water bed experience to a piece of portable furniture, it also helps to remind us that we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the happy moments without the sad ones there to provide some contrast.


The “tears” used in the tear drop chair are nothing more than water, encapsulated by an extremely thin layer of Vinyl plastic. Design choices were made so that people could experience touching and sitting on a “droplet of water.”

As a child, Suzuki learned that when tying a rope to a tree to make a swing, he could also wrap the branch with newspaper in order to protect the bark. This set of values was also apparent in the tear drop chair design. “If there were to be a product designer-like response to this project, it would have to be that the initial idea was to create a chair that would not damage the grass,” says Suzuki.


Apart from the “tear drop chair,” Suzuki also created a chair with the body fluid content of a child, adult, and polar bear. These formed part of a production by NHK Educational TV following the theme of “Design x Science x Chair.” It was directed by directed by Galileo-Kobo, and is currently on display at the Tokyo Midtown Design Touch 2014 inside the ‘Suwari Forest’.




Product Design Center

[h/t] DesignBoom