Yahoo Turns To Retail To Bring Journalists’ Voices To Life

Curated products at the Wellness Story store have been selected by personalities like Bobbi Brown and David Pogue

Media company Yahoo has partnered with the founders of the rotating themed store, Story, to create an experience that brings to life the voices found on its major publications.  It will also provide New York City residents and visitors plenty of Valentine gift ideas.

The Yahoo partnership with Story is the latest in a long line of brand collaborations at the store in Chelsea. Previous partners include Intel and Target.


The pop-up experience that runs past Valentine’s Day is filled with the recommendations of columnists and editors from its key titles. Curated products have been selected by journalists covering Yahoo’s HealthFood, BeautyTravelParentingStyle, and Tech sections.


Yahoo Beauty’s Editor-in-Chief Bobbi Brown’s selection of potential Valentine’s Day gift ideas includes ALOHA daily greens powder; Yahoo Food’s Editor-in-Chief Kerry Diamond recommends Brain Dust from Moon Juice; and Yahoo Health’s Editor-in-Chief Michele Promaulayko is schilling Trigger Point’s foam rollers. Other shopping curators include tech guru David Pogue.


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