Visitors can uniquely experience the stories and sounds of the automaker’s heritage and innovation

Anyone who thinks there aren’t any creative idea combinations left for popup stores should have a look at the latest from Porsche. “The Sound of Porsche” is a three week long, multi sensory popup brand experience space located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. The space uses a rather different approach from previous automaker brand experience efforts by focusing predominantly on sound. Divided into four areas, more than half of the space is dedicated to audio driven programming.

Once inside the space, visitors first encounter rows of media stations stocked with ‘record bins’ containing Porsche media playlists. Each of the records resembles a real 12″ vinyl sleeve with artwork. The records contain a collection of short video clips each curated around a theme like design, racing heritage and ‘A Porsche Goes to Hollywood’, with Sally Carrera from the Pixar Cars films.

Each of the media stations has a record tray into which one of the albums is placed and content automatically plays. All of the media stations are outfitted with advanced noise-cancelling Bose QuietComfort┬« 25 headphones. The interface works really well and anyone who’s flipped through a stack of vinyl records will feel right at home.

Beyond the media stations is The Sound Lab Virtual Drive Experience powered by Bose® The glass enclosed, acoustically treated room features a new 911 Carrera 4S Coupe serving as a projection screen. Visitors can select from three media experiences, metropolitan melody (urban drive), country cadence (mountain pass) or racing rhythm (the Nurburgring) to experience audio from each location and video projection mapped on to the car giving the sensation of a high speed drive.

Adjacent to The Sound Lab is The Design Corner where visitors can draw their vision a future Porsche 911 and possibly win a trip to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. For those needing a boost with drawing technique, Porsche have created a series of acrylic templates which can be traced and used as a guide. There’s also several pieces of actual design studio artwork from the Carrera development on display.

You can’t leave the Sound of Porsche with a new 911 but the Porsche Drivers Selection store is selling a limited collection accessories including bags and watches from Porsche design.

The Sound of Porsche will be open to the public for thee weeks in NYC. Following the New York run, it will head to London and Shanghai in the near future with more locations potentially following.

The Sound of Porsche

September 16 – October 5, 2014

446 West 14th Street btw 9th and 10th Ave

New York City

Photos: Dave Pinter