PSFK Gift Guide Spotlight: Spire

This clip-on device helps you channel your inner Buddha

Spire is a clip-on device that helps people relieve stress and improve productivity by monitoring their breathing. The wearable device gives people a record of their respiratory patterns, as well as alerts and real-time guidance on how to control their emotions and stress through breathing exercises. The small sensor clips onto clothing and sends data to your phone using algorithms that process breathing, notifying you when these patterns are consistent with stress, a developing asthma attack, sleep apnea, and more. By ‘gamifying’ the experience, Spire gives users incentives to work on their breathing techniques, the only stress indicator they can control. The device has numerous applications, such as programs for pregnant women, athletes, and soldiers returning from war as well as companies and organizations.


Just in time for the holidays, PSFK has created a unique Gift Guide full of ideas to help you live, work, and play better. This carefully curated selection of items has been hand-picked by analyzing quantitative and qualitative data from As a source for new products and services, the 2014 PSFK Gift Guide serves as a snapshot of the next-generation products in the retail ecosystem as inspired by former PSFK Labs research.

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