Get Free Rides, Save the Environment with Transfercar

Car relocation service allows travelers to drive rental cars without charge

Looking for a free ride? Well, Transfercar offers just that as well as an eco-friendly way to cut down on carbon emissions. The online service allows travelers to drive free rental cars from one location to another, helping rental car companies transfer vehicles while also cutting down on big freight shipment costs and pollution.

The traveler-friendly company offers a win-win for everyone, as rental companies get a free way to transfer cars between locations and travelers can sign up to drive a route to the city they want to travel. Some rental companies even pay for gas and insurance. That’s a free ride that is likely hard to beat.


To sign up for Transfercar, drivers must be 18 years of age and have a valid U.S. driver’s license. Transfercar is looking for more travelers, and students, families, seniors and vacationers are all welcome.

Transfercar, an online service started in New Zealand, operates in the U.S. as well, with plenty of West Coast routes and more Southern, Midwest and East Coast routes cropping up and planned for the future. To find a free ride, drivers can simply brows the available cars and routes on the Transfercar website and apply for one that suits their destination and car preference. Drivers hear back from rental companies within 24 hours, and then can hit the road on the specified travel dates. When confirming a ride, rental companies send the details of the car pickup location, and the driver picks up the car on the specified date.

Transfercar drivers sign a rental contract, just like any other car rental procedure, but pay nothing. Transfercar not only offers free rides between US cities but also helps out rental companies by allowing them to cut down on big car freight shipments on trucks and trains. The cost-friendly solution is also eco-friendly, reducing the amount of pollution from big freight vehicles. Rental companies currently using Transfercar include Budget, Advantage, Juicy Rentals, El Monte RV and Road Bear.