Wristband Lets Users Take Audio Snapshot of Memorable Conversations

The Kapture wristband is a wearable ‘audio camera’ that lets you retroactively record beautiful audio moments

If you see something wonderful, you stop and take a photo. With the cameras in our smart phones, none of us are stuck unable to do that whenever the impulse strikes us. But it’s not the same with hearing something wonderful. We don’t carry intuitive voice recordings, and the most beautiful sounds vanish as soon as we hear them.

Until now.

The Kapture wristband wears like a watch and is recording — temporarily — the sounds of every moment of your life. When you hear something perfect, the device can retroactively record what you heard so you can play it back and remember it just like you would take out a snapshot to reminisce. It works like this.

  1. Step One: Wear your Kapture and keep it charged.
  2. Step Two: Hear something you want an audio snapshot of
  3. Step Three: Tap the Kapture device to activate it
  4. Step Four: The Kapture saves the previous 60 seconds of audio directly to your smartphone.
  5. Step Five: Listen to or edit the file on your smartphone, or upload to a more robust device for archiving.

The wristband is about the size of a bulky watch and comes in several color options. It’s water-resistant enough to wear while washing your hands or running through the rain to a cab, but you shouldn’t take it into the shower with you.


Founders Matthew Dooley and Mike Sarow opted for a wearable device because the best camera is the one you have with you. They wanted an audio snapshot to have the same function: something with you all the time, so you don’t miss an opportunity because you left the device at home or couldn’t bother to dig it out of your bag.

Kapture has been in development and pre-production for over a year. According to their website, they plan to release the first products in early November — in time for Christmas.