Crowdfunded Speaker Lets Friends Add Music

The JookBox speaker allows permitted friends to access and add to playlists at any social gathering

Sharing music has been a human tradition since before we started writing down our history. Oral tradition was passed along using songs. Hymns taught religious messages. Since the invention of recorded music, college dorms worldwide have rung with the phrase “Dude, you have to hear this!”

The JookBox “social speaker,” currently nearing the end of its Kickstarter funding campaign, shifts the music sharing paradigm by allowing guests and hosts to fine-tune the playlist socially.


The JookBox is a high-fidelity, bluetooth-enabled, wireless speaker that’s just as portable and durable as most of the high-end speakers on the market. Its unique feature is the app that lets any permitted guest at a party or gathering add music from a smartphone to the JookBox’s playlist, so you can share music with each other without playing AUX cable roulette.The app is free, and will be available for iPhone and Android.

The JookBox is wireless, shockproof and water-resistant, and comes with a long-life rechargeable battery. It can also connect with up to 10 other speakers — JookBox or other brand — to fill your home or party with music in every corner.

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Backer rewards for the JookBox are standard tech rewards: honorable mention at the low end, with iterations of pre-ordering at a discount, with the top level including VIP treatment at their launch party in Boston. With one week remaining in the campaign, JookBox has raised $13,000 of its $35,000 goal putting its future in some doubt. The campaign closes on November 27th. If Jookbox funds, the team estimates delivery of the first batch for February of 2015.