iPhone 6 Case So Shock-Absorbent, It Bounces

The SEISMIK could truly help users avoid the most common and unfortunate of occurrences: phone damage

On average, 2 of out 3 smartphone users damage their phones. No one knows of smartphone-handling perils better than users of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: the larger size and rounded edges of these ultra-sleek devices make them awkward to hold and easy to drop.


Designed to balance a phone’s aesthetic with practical protection, the SEISMIK Suspension Frame is an elegant case built to bounce back from everyday drops in life.


The SEISMIK frame is part of a larger range of cases made by LUNATIK, who crafts beautifully durable iPhone accessories with the help of product designers MNML. Though SEISMIK is their thinnest case, it is durable enough to meet U.S. military drop test standards.


SEISMIK’s shock-absorbing honeycomb perimeter is inspired by the airless tires on military vehicles and provides circumferential protection from impacts or drops. This perimeter is made from TPU—a hybrid of hard plastic and smooth silicone that rebounds on impact. When dropped, SEISMIK-covered phones bounce like rubber.

Watch the SEISMIK in action (iPhone 5 version):

LUNATIK also produces AQUATIK (fully waterproof), TAKTIK (water, dust, and impact protective), and ARKITEKT (lightweight) iPhone cases. These products can be purchased for earlier iPhones, but will not be available for the iPhone 6 series until early 2015.

The SEISMIK is the LUNATIK’s first product for the iPhone 6, available for purchase this month.

Photos courtesy: LUNATIK