Experience People Movement to Combat Digital Addictions

Entrepreneur embarks on US tour to explore negative implications of technology on society and offer solutions for change

In an age permeated by digital, technology has changed the landscape of society and negatively impacted our interpersonal relationships. The millennial generation openly suffer from a digital dependency: an addiction to email, tweets and SMS that have deep and harmful implications for the future. Accordingly to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Annual Internet Trends Report, people check their phones an average of 150 times per day, or once every six minutes.

Brian Hiss in the VW Van

Rehab was once associated solely with alcohol and narcotics. As reliance on our mobile devices and tablets continue to develop, digital detoxes are increasingly necessary and popular. Detoxes allow people to turn-off at retreats and workshops, and a new initiative aims to make that disconnected lifestyle intuitive.

Experience People, a movement around digital enlightenment, encourages people to ditch their devices and find value in the physical world around them. Over the course of twelve weeks in 20 cities around the United States, entrepreneur Brian Hiss and filmmaker Rob Loud are on a journey to raise awareness for digital addiction and help establish a new relationship with technology in moderation. Hiss believes that people must continue to develop meaningful relationships, and only use technology as an aid to the experience.

The tour, taken in a VW bus, is currently underway and stopping in major cities notorious as large, upcoming tech hubs. Due to the scale of investor capital in San Francisco, New York, Austin, Washington DC and others, Hiss envisioned the greatest opportunities to foster new practices within the industry. Loud will capture and document the entire tour to highlight these cities’ digital addiction and raise awareness of a need for change.

The VW Tour Van

The Experience People philosophy believes that all interactions with people or nature should be innate and enriching. The movement was inspired by the overconsumption trend Hiss observed within the tech industry. In an interview with PSFK, Hiss compared the practices to the overconsumption that also affected the food and energy industries.

“We hope to spawn the sustainable tech industry; where we produce technology to aid the experiences, not to be the experience,” says Hiss.

Hiss hopes that such experiences include better practices for established companies, new founders and new investors. Across the United States, the guys will meet with new partners and influencer, as well as speak with Founders and VCs to establish their message within each city.

The tour is just the start of the inspired journey ahead, and the movement will continue to develop as they rally support and build awareness. To join the digital enlightenment, you can connect with Experience People along the tour, or show your support as an Ambassador.

Experience People