You Can Now Delete Text Messages After You Send Them

Strings is an app that lets users reclaim control and monitor the privacy settings of their content

At some point, we have all feared the potential repercussions of sending emails and images that will leave our phone and ingrain themselves in cyberspace forever. Social media has made us consequently more aware of the permanence of our conversations. In the case of photo-sharing network Snapchat, ephemeral messaging is the primary means of communication. A new app, Strings, is a messaging platform that follows the Snapchat trend by allowing users to delete messages and control which of their content gets shared with the world.

Strings makes it easier to have safe and private conversations. You can choose to send a message to a single recipient or create a group chat, but, unlike the traditional text, a recipient must ask permission to download the content of the conversation from the sender. You can also delete one-off texts or entire conversations after they’ve been sent. Where the boundaries of what constitutes private versus public content is blurred in the realm of digital, Strings lets you reclaim control by picking and choosing what to share and keep.

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Strings App

CEO Edward Balassanian explained to PSFK that Strings is “not a Snapchat competitor, but is about creating a seamless way for personal conversation.” He also said that the majority of Strings users are not deleting their content after its sent, but simply using the app as a direct sharing and communication platform. Currently, the dialogue between users on Strings is content that users don’t mind other people seeing, such as texts about groceries or images of their friends. However, for many people, the security of knowing that anything can be deleted at any time is invaluable.

The Be.Labs team behind the app shifted their entire focus to develop the platform after they received 50,000 sign-ups within two weeks of their December launch. Strings is available for download on iOS devices.

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