Attachment Turns Phones into Eye-Testing Instruments

Smart Vision Labs’ SVOne aims to detect and accurately measure refractive errors

Mobile devices are often equipped with so much power – from high-grade optics to the latest communication attachments – that there is no telling what these phones are incapable of.

SVOne, a smart solution for an accessible yet technologically-advanced optical care tool, is a classic example.

According to the video, the SVOne takes pictures of the person’s lenses embedded inside his eyes. Although the creator Smart Visions Lab reveal nothing on how it works, the red dots on the photos show that the attachment will utilize invisible infrared lights to illuminate the the eyes.

The device is meant to detect and accurately measure refractive errors. These errors affect the visual acuity of the eye leading to problems such as near- or far-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Although most of the symptoms of refractive errors could be managed with the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses, many patients in developing countries do not have enough resources and doctors to provide eye health care to the population.

svone use smart phone eye measurement tool

The inventor, Yaopeng Zhou, makes an example of Rwanda in his presentation. The country has a population of 10.5 million people but only 14 vision specialists.

With his business partner Marc Albanese, they present SVOne as a device that will enable even just technicians to give an eye-health assessment with just one click. Smart Vision Labs’ goal is to make eye healthcare available for everyone by democratizing the diagnostic process. With the device, set-up costs are kept minimal and mobility is unprecedented. The device has its own battery pack that can power 56 hours of continuous use.

The smartphone attachment uses wavefront sensor technologies to provide precise refractive error measures and instant digital prescriptions on the smartphone screen. Apart from taking images, the SVOne accompanying app is optimized to upload patient data to a secure cloud to be accessed anytime with other devices. Additionally, this information could be shared to patients and automatic check-up reminders could be sent.

The SVOne won Verizon Wireless’ Powerful Answers Award in 2013 for the Healthcare category, giving the project $1 million in funding.

Smart Vision Labs / Gizmag