Book Affordable Travel to World’s Hidden Gems

Whimsy provides affordable, in-season travel to outstanding offbeat locations

International travel has its usual suspects. And while they’re popular for good reason, Planet Earth is rich in under-appreciated destinations. Adriano Galardi wants to share those underdog getaways with the world.

His new site is called Whimsy and allows travelers to book affordable round-trip flights out of London to places like Musandam (Oman), Kerala (India) or Bagan (Myanmar). What’s more is it curates dates and locations with the season in mind so that travelers don’t book their travel in extreme weather conditions like frigid winters or monsoon season.

Galardi loves to travel and enjoys exploring new places spontaneously. Whimsy is a solution to a problem that he experienced himself:

I always hoped that travel sites would uncover some great deals for me and it never happened. I also never knew if it was the right time (weather-wise) to visit a specific destination. So I would end up searching for inspiration for where to go on platforms such as Condé Nast Traveler or through travel photographers I followed on Instagram, then try and find prices that were affordable, and finally make sure the weather would be cooperative.

It was a very lengthy process that yielded results, but I always felt the price I was paying could/should be lower. So I wondered if we could pull all those various sources of information together to provide a one-stop shop for those also in search of a bit of inspiration, inspiration that they could buy right then and there.

When users browse the site, they are greeted with an inspirational video and music. Once they click through, they can choose from a limited number of airfare packages with specific dates and locations calculated by the site’s algorithm. Sample rates include Santa Catarina (Brazil) for £476 GBP or the Mekong Delta (Vietnam) for £385. Each fare is linked to a specific ticket reseller.

whimsy affordable travelThe actual destinations offered are a mix of Galardi’s own research and tips that are starting to trickle in from visitors to the site. London is just the first departure point and because the model is scalable, Whimsy plans to add departure points from around the world.

In the meantime, Whimsy is recruiting content creators to help make the case for travel to its locations more compelling and grow its business. “We want to put the spotlight on the creators and credit their work back to their own websites,” Galardi explains. “We feel that we can create a mutually beneficial platform that serves both of our interests.”