Why Your Next Trip Could Leave You More Refreshed Than When You Began

PSFK looks at how responsive devices and environments are helping passengers cope with the physical rigors of travel

Part of accommodating a jetsetting lifestyle is to understand how and when to adjust sleep schedules and routines to overcome the physical stresses of travel. A new class of personal technologies and environments are helping travelers maintain this crucial balance and well-being at every stage of their journey through a combination of responsive feedback and light therapy. These services are coming together as part of a larger trend PSFK calls ‘On-Board Balance’. This trend is part of a larger framework describing how PSFK sees the Future of Travel. Be sure to check out the full report to see how technology is innovating the air travel experience.

Particularly as travel becomes more frequent in one’s life, travelers are seeking to retain their habits of sleep and exercise in flight. Life in the air, once incorporated as a common feature of work/life, should more closely reflect travelers’ lives on the ground and convey a greater sense of everyday wellness. Furthermore, while traveling through security and delays can be frustratingly out of one’s control, certain devices and tools can provide travelers some semblance of personal control over their bodies- whether through individualized sleep enhancement or exercise.

Airbus xwb a350

The cabin design of the new A350 XWB by airline manufacturer Airbus features energy-efficient LED day-and-night mood lighting that helps travelers adapt to jet lag during long-range flights. Designed as part of an overall campaign to incorporate wellness into cabin design, the lighting system is one component of an enhanced flying experience, including bump-free floors, polarized window shades, reduced in-cabin noise levels, improved air quality and increased seat size and legroom. The anti-jet-lag mood lighting system is adjustable to individual airlines’ identities, delivering health benefits without compromising branding opportunities.

tao wellness

Tao WellShell is a handheld device with an accompanying Bluetooth iOS or Android application that coaches people through a series of 50 isometric exercises which can be completed whilst sitting in small spaces. Ideal for integrating physical activity during otherwise sedentary flights, passengers press the device between their hands, against their legs or between their knees to engage an internal pressure sensor. Audio instruction guides individuals to push with more or less force and for how long to maintain the pressure. Travelers can follow along an exercise graph or control virtual characters, such as downhill skiers, to layer gaming aspects into the workouts, as well as compete against friends. Compact and lightweight, the device helps travelers relieve stress and maintain fitness even while on the go.

 The Future of Travel’ highlights some of the major new trends taking place in air travel, and the technologies that are helping us get there. This series will explore the best-in-class examples of brands and innovators who are shaping the future of air travel, and creating a more seamless, healthy and enjoyable experience. Download the full report here, as well as on Slideshare, and be sure to check back every week for new articles about the newest trends in travel.