Orfos Flares Offer Higher Visibility for Cyclists

A new Kickstarted bicycle light can improve a cyclist’s vision with a lamp as bright as a car’s headlights

If you’re a lucky cyclist, you already know how frightening it is to ride on the road at night, made visible only by the dimmer lamp of your legally mandated light.

If you’re a lucky motorist, you’ve had at least one near-miss where you almost hit a cyclist at night because you just couldn’t see him in the darkness.

If you’re either and unlucky, you’ve been in an accident caused by the same factors.

Orfos founder Pete Clyde, a Seattle-based cyclist wants to eliminate all three possibilities with the Flare: a super-bright bike light that makes cycles plainly visible even in the worst conditions.

An electrical engineer by trade, Clyde experimented for years with the most groundbreaking LED technologies to create a light utilizing 8 half-watt LEDs available. The headlight (white) flare shines at 500 Lumens, comparable to a car’s headlights. The tail (red) flare glows at 300 Lumens, more than a car’s tail lights. Both are bright enough to be plainly visible in bright daylight with clear skies.

The Flare lights are encased in transparent polycarbonate for 360-degree visibility, and charge by plugging into a standard USB charger. They mount magnetically to any bicycle frame and are tested waterproof to 50 feet of depth.

Each light has four patterns and three brightness modes to choose from. Full power is visible in daylight, while lower power shines at night while conserving battery power. The patterns allow for always on or different variations of flashing to increase visibility.

Flare offers three backer levels: a charitable contribution for a buck, individual sales of the red or white flare for $119 and a two-pack for $229. The Kickstarter campaign closes on November 19th, with the goal of shipping the first batch in time for Christmas. With just over three weeks left as of this writing, it’s poised for success with $10,000 of its $20,000 goal.