Save Web Files to the Cloud with Ballloon

The Google Chrome extension, now in its 44th version in mere months, connects your data to cloud accounts with one click

With Ballloon installed, a small icon on the top right of webpage files will show the icons of existing cloud accounts and with one click, the files are transferred to your web storage. The Google Chrome extension eliminates the need to download web files to re-upload them to cloud accounts.

Ballloon is unique from other bookmarking services such as Pocket and Evernote by using existing cloud storage accounts. For saving links, a left click will reveal a drop down menu.


Ballloon has 3 L’s not two. The website explains that wasn’t available so they had to change the name. The function, however, remains balloon-like by floating files into a cloud.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.57.18 AM.jpg

As of this writing, the Ballloon extension is on its 44th version since its public release just this past March, proof to the commitment to improve the extension from Chinese start-up Madhouse Tech. It is available from the Chrome Extensions portal for free and a slew of users are saying for how handy the tool is.

By default, Ballloon creates its own folder in the cloud account and separates clippings into text and images. Through the portal, a user may customize the default file route.

balloon button images.jpeg

When saving websites, the file will appear on a cloud as an HTML file. While it isn’t real time, the processing is impressively quick.

Ballloon currently works with six popular cloud storage providers: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Copy and SugarSync.

It can also be paired with Yo, the increasingly popular social application that sends and receives “yo”s from friends or other services. Ballloon could “yo” you if there are updates for the Chrome Extension, when a file arrives or when files 1GB or larger reach your cloud accounts.

Ballloon is very straightforward. It executes the one thing it does well with a quirky website that makes it painless to set up and use. Since the files are not just linked but actually uploaded to your cloud, they will remain available to the user for virtually forever.

Ballloon / Ballloon in the Chrome Store