Gaming For Good: Create Concepts To Support Climate Reality

Al Gore - Gaming For Good

Request For PSFK Readers To Create Concepts For the Climate Reality Project
PSFK is collaborating with the Climate Reality Project to create and share concepts that support the movement. The Climate Reality Project was established by former Vice President and Nobel Laureate, Al Gore. We are inviting creative agencies (advertising, design, digital and otherwise) and brand teams to contribute ideas based on a brief around the needs of organizations like The Climate Reality Project . Agencies will be asked to use PSFK’s forthcoming Future of Gaming report as stimulus for their responses.

The concepts that best meet the brief will be published on the pages of, included in a downloadable PSFK x Climate Reality Project report, given a PR push to relevant national and international publications, and presented at events including PSFK’s New York launch in December.

This project mirrors two successful collaborations between PSFK and UNICEF, one of which was based on PSFK’s Future of Health report and the other on PSFK’s Future of Mobile Tagging report. In each instance, agencies and brand teams from around the world contributed amazing ideas to inspire organizations, governments, corporations and academia. The ideas included product, service and communication concepts aimed at evolving healthcare for large populations.

The ideas generated were included in a version of the respective reports and PSFK produced and developed an exhibition featuring the ideas that was shown at SXSW and PSFK Conference NYC. You can see some of the results in the presentation here.

The Briefing and Timeline
PSFK will be presenting the brief in person on the evening of November 7th at our offices in NYC. We will also be distributing a digital copy of the brief to those that cannot attend. Responses must be received by November 16 and after vetting by the PSFK staff, Al Gore’s team at The Climate Reality Project will judge the best concepts. These will be announced on December 2nd at a special event.

What To Do Now
Leave your details in the form on this page to attend the briefing or get emailed the digital version of the brief.