Master’s Program for Adulthood Takes Place Over Wine and Coffee

The Society of Grownups sells financial advice classes and workshops to needy millennials

With services like Skillshare and General Assembly, millennials increasingly look to modern sources for learning and advice. But meeting for a cup of coffee will always remain an emblem of catch-ups and mentorship. Amongst the trend of digital courses, basic face-to-face networking has not lost significance, especially while entering new experiences in adulthood.

Insurance company MassMutual Financial Group and design agency, IDEO, developed a “master’s program for adulthood,” a brick-and-mortar hybrid cafe and education center. At The Society for Grownups, adults gather for coffee, cheap wine and financial advice. With nightly events and guest speakers, the initiative provides consultations about retirement, starting a family or saving for a mortgage.

Featured events include discussions about making your next career move or buying a home and eliminating debt. Each is thoughtfully designed to help people reach their personal and professional goals in a proactive and enjoyable environment. For instance, a ‘how do you do’ class will teach students how to meet new people in different contexts who are worried about making good first impressions. That class retails at only $10.

Operating out of Brookline Washington Square in Boston, the 2,000 sq. ft. space for service-based experiences is modeled similar to other startup offices or co-working spaces. IDEO brought in beautiful, modern design elements to target a younger audience and create a familiar space to think differently about investing.

massmutual financial group society for grown ups

The curriculum includes two paths — financial checkups or by appointment meetings which will allow people to seek out short or long-term advice. Financial advisers help students turn goals into tangible action plans so students can best understand money and save.

Class and supper club prices range from $10-$40, a modest investment for a lifetime’s worth of adulthood. All grownups, of course, are welcome.

IDEO / MassMutual