Green Charging Device Generates Energy from Your Motion

AMPY charges your phone while you workout

If you’re sick of your phone dying while you work out, there’s now a solution in the form of AMPY, a wearable device that builds up a charge from your motion, powering your mobile device. AMPY works with any USB-connected device, and offers an innovative and convenient way to stay plugged in when you exercise. Since it is powered by your motion, AMPY uses green energy and reduces your carbon footprint.

The AMPY smartphone app allows you to stay in sync with your workout and energy-generating data. AMPY offers helpful stats on how much energy you’re generating, the number of calories you’ve burned and your carbon footprint offset from using AMPY instead of plugging into a wall outlet. The device is social media-friendly, allowing you to share your data with other AMPY users via Twitter and Facebook.


By replacing traditional power sources, AMPY helps save energy, allowing you to generate your own green energy source. If you walk 10,000 steps, cycle for one hour or run for 30 minutes, AMPY will generate 3 hours of smartphone energy, 24 hours of smart watch energy or 72 hours on a fitness tracking device. Whether you dance, walk, run or bike, AMPY is always working with your motion to generate green energy. And when you plug your device into AMPY, it charges just as quickly as a wall outlet.


AMPY’s internal battery stores about a week’s worth of physical activity and stays ready to use for months. You can also recharge AMPY from a wall outlet if needed using the micro-USB port on top. The handy wearable device works with iPhones, Android phones and any USB-powered devices.

AMPY is the perfect companion to living an active lifestyle. Instead of your phone dying during your next marathon, or losing power throughout an active day outdoors, you can now stay charged, and reduce your carbon footprint in the process.


Whether you use the app or not, AMPY will still capture your kinetic energy and charge your electronics when you plug them in. AMPY comes with a sleeve, armband and clip to keep the device in place as you move.

AMPY was created by Tejas Shastry, Alex Smith, and Mike Geier, engineering PhD students who met in an entrepreneurship class at Northwestern University. The innovative device has won a variety of awards, including the Clean Energy Trust Consumer Favorite Prize, the 1776 Global Challenge Cup Crowd Favorite, and the Energy Prize at the Northwestern University Venture Challenge.

AMPY has met its Kickstarter goal of $100,000. You can currently get the AMPY for an early backer discount on Kickstarter for $75. The pre-sale price is $95. Estimated delivery is June 2015.