• Mobile Commerce Playbook

    The Mobile Commerce Playbook is intended to help businesses take a forward looking approach to leveraging mobile as a core part of their offerings to deliver personalization, relevancy and convenience to every consumer at key moments in this commerce journey. Created in partnership with Braintree.

  • FoR2015-newbook-small

    Future Of Retail 2015

    PSFK Labs’ fifth iteration of the Future of Retail report: A manifesto with strategies to reinvent the physical store.

  • travel-featured

    Future of Travel

    PSFK Labs examines how technological innovation is improving the modern air travel experience along all parts of the journey.

  • makers-manual_featured

    Maker’s Manual

    PSFK Labs in collaboration with Intel explores how everyone from do-it-yourselfers and artists to inventors and entrepreneurs are leveraging new tools, platforms and services to take their ideas from dream to prototype to reality. Underwritten by Intel.

  • Real World Web

    Real World Web

    PSFK Labs in collaboration with iQ by intel examines key trends in the role internet-enabled technologies will play in connected ecosystems of the future. Underwritten by Intel.

  • The Future Of Health

    Future Of Health

    PSFK Labs lays out key trends that are shaping the future of patient care and healthcare systems and the emergence of a proactive and empowered patient.

  • The Future Of Wearable Tech

    Future Of Wearable Tech

    PSFK Labs frames the conversation around the impact of wearable technologies, with a focus on form and functions of these devices and technologies. Underwritten by Intel.

  • Future Of Retail

    Future Of Retail 2014

    PSFK Labs describes how Data-Driven Commerce Platforms and The Networked Purchase Path provide a foundation for the modern shopping experience.

  • Future Of Cities

    Future Of Cities

    PSFK Labs examines trends driving the sustainable development and efficient operation of cities in response to unique challenges posed by rapid urbanization.

  • Future Of Light

    Future Of Light

    PSFK Labs examines the trends shaping light at the intersection of technology, community and sustainability looks at how its impact on people’s lives. Underwritten by Philips Lighting.

  • Future Of Home Living

    Future Of Home Living

    PSFK Labs examines how life at home will evolve and how we might get there, uncovering the emerging behaviors, technologies, products, and services.

  • Future Of Work

    Future Of Work

    This PSFK Labs report uncovers key trends and opportunities in the workplace to help you grow your business and progress your career into the future.

  • Future Of Gaming

    Future Of Gaming

    PSFK Labs presents the key trends in the gaming space creating compelling user experiences on a digital screen, in the real world, or somewhere in between. Special section for Al Gore & The Climate Reality Project.

  • Future Of Mobile Tagging

    Future Of Mobile Tagging

    PSFK Labs describes key trends to help marketers and their creative agencies with their use of mobile technologies that include QR codes, barcodes and tags. Underwritten by Microsoft.

  • Future Of Real-Time Information

    Future of Real-Time Information

    PSFK Labs explores the capturing and transmission of real-time information streams to create solutions that support the well-being of the world’s population.