Trend Reports

Future of Travel 2016 Add to cart

The second volume of PSFK’s Future of Travel focuses on innovation throughout the discovery and booking stages of a journey, and provides lessons for travel from the tech, retail, media and travel industries.

Future of Retail 2016 Add to cart

Future of Retail 2016. Designing The New Shopper Experience. Insights, Interviews and Concepts around building value, driving sales and boosting loyalty.

Future of Digital Safety and Security Add to cart

PSFK Labs in collaboration with MasterCard explore the key issues consumers are facing in the world of digital safety and security.

Building Tomorrow Add to cart

PSFK's report Building Tomorrow: Trends Driving the Future of Design PSFK explores how global shifts influence the design, creation and experience of space

Maker’s Manual Add to cart

PSFK Labs explores how everyone from do-it-yourselfers and artists to inventors and entrepreneurs are leveraging new tools, platforms and services to take their ideas from dream to prototype to reality. Underwitter by Intel.

Sex, Drugs & Alcohol Debrief Add to cart

24 page report presents trends found across the emerging businesses, products, and service models, drawing lessons for other industries to learn from the world of vice.

Power of Chat Debrief Add to cart

The Power Of Chat Debrief tackles how SMS, messaging and chat are once again prevalent and even integral to delivering best-in-class brand experiences to customers.

Desktop Debrief Add to cart

Insights into how office layout, personal style, placement of devices and desktop design positively impacts the overall well-being of workers

Virtual Reality Debrief Add to cart

How virtual reality and immersive technologies are being used for storytelling in Advertising, Health, Travel, Retail & more

Future of Connected Life Add to cart

PSFK Labs' Future of Connected Life Report explores an emerging mix of tech and analog products and services that are baking efficiency, balance, and growth into people's lifestyles as they strive to live, work, and play better.

Mobile Commerce Playbook Add to cart

PSFK Labs in collaboration with Braintree examines how mobile can deliver personalization, relevancy and convenience to every consumer at key moments in their commerce journey.

Future Of Retail 2015 Add to cart

PSFK Labs' fifth iteration of the Future of Retail report: A manifesto with strategies to reinvent the physical store.