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Work september 4, 2014

2D Camera Etched into Wood Shoots HD Video, Selfies

Not-A-Camera by artist Olivia Barr is a real camera designed to look like a fake 2D one

Technology september 25, 2013

Flat Designs Transform Everyday Items Into Apple-Approved Logos [Pics]

3D objects get the 2D treatment to become bold and striking pieces of graphic design.

Technology september 23, 2013

Spinning TV Monitor Creates 3D Light Sculptures In Mid-Air [Video]

Student designers push the boundaries of the traditional function of television.

Arts & Culture may 28, 2013

Street Art Blends In To Its Surroundings [Pics]

French artist uses paper cut-outs and wheatpaste to bring the urban environment to life.

Gaming & Play november 9, 2012

iPad App Lets Anyone Become An Animator

Creatorverse allows you to draw an object and then instantly move and interact with it like an animation.

Syndicated november 29, 2011

Arts Thread: Best Creative Talent Making Short Films [Video]

17 short films of the UK's best revealed abstract, 2D, typographic, and narrative line action, and will be touring 60 cities worldwide.

Work august 18, 2011

3D Movies Give Headaches [Headlines]

A new study shows that 3D movies offer little value over 2D movies and instead give the audience headaches and dizziness.

Advertising february 23, 2011

Ones To Watch At Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Every year Vauxhall Fashion Scout gives four designers the opportunity to showcase their collection at Freemasons Hall during fashion week.

Advertising november 25, 2009

Creative Inspiration from Behance XIII

Behance is a company that organizes the creative world to make ideas happen. Every Wednesday, Behance shares 5 fresh art and design projects from their network with PSFK.

Cities october 13, 2009

(Event) Cut & Paste Global Championships

This Friday, Cut & Paste will have one final international showdown between 48 champions in 2D, 3D, and motion design from 16 cities around the world.


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