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Entertainment september 23, 2016

Capture, Cut Up, And Configure Your World In 360 Degrees

To meet a booming 360 and VR video-capturing industry, a multimedia software company bolstered its media editing suite for 360-video creation

Technology december 4, 2014

Device Allows for Long-Distance 360 Degree Video Conferencing

Set your phone spinning – and show off the world in a new way

Innovation july 10, 2013

Throwable Camera Ball Can Help Search & Rescue Missions [Video]

Squito allows users to capture 360-degree air shots in dimly lit conditions.

Cities march 4, 2013

Panorama Of London Made Of 48,000 Individual Photographs

The 360-degree, 320 mega-pixel photo is the largest panoramic image ever created.

Technology february 21, 2013

Beck Concert Creates A 360 Degree Live Sound Experience

'Hello, Again' is an immersive online experience that replicates what it’s like to see and hear a performance on stage from every angle.

Innovation november 5, 2012

Robotic Tennis Ball Camera Helps First Responders View Treacherous Areas

'Bouncing Image' has developed an inexpensive device that captures 360 degree images of wherever it is thrown, multiple times a second.

Design & Architecture january 10, 2012

Microsoft's Interactive 3D Display Creates Objects You Can Touch [Video]

The tech giant has combined a mirascope with a light field projector creates life-like images you don't need special eyewear to see.


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