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Technology october 4, 2016

This Headset Turns Your Phone Into A 3D Portal

The Elsewhere device immerses iPhone users into a different dimension

Arts & Culture september 19, 2016

Meet A 3D Computer-Generated Japanese Schoolgirl

Sara's 'parents' post a new photo which offers a refined look at their digital 'daughter'

Technology september 12, 2016

Take Design Concepts Off The Page With This Unique Pen

The 3D printing tool can create wood and copper products that can be polished or sanded for versatile finishes

Mobile september 12, 2016

This Device Turns Phones Into Portable 3D Printers

A digital factory looks to make the printing process more accessible with a mobile-friendly box concept

Entertainment july 15, 2016

French Artist Renders A Calvin And Hobbes Comic Strip In Stunning 3D

Gabriel de Laubier brings new life to a beloved 25-year-old scene

Design & Architecture june 16, 2016

Micro 3D Printer Produces Hours of Fun

Despite problems troubleshooting, M3D offers easy, entry-level printing for novices

Design & Architecture may 16, 2016

Service Turns Your Photos Into 3D PictoBalls

Scandy spheres allow you to hold and view your pictures from all angles

Work september 18, 2015

The Real Estate Industry is Going 3D

Archilogic lets you convert property listings into interactive models so you can design your future home before you move in

Syndicated may 26, 2015

Watching 3D Movies May Improve Future Quality of Life

British study suggests surgeons, boxers and tennis players might benefit from watching films in stereoscope before taking on challenging tasks

Innovation january 7, 2015

It’s Not Quite Holograms, But Getting There: the L3D Cube

A new product from a Brooklyn company that specializes in physical 3D visualizations is the Pong of holograms

Technology december 3, 2014

Tingle Brings Back Acoustic Touch to Digital Music Controller

The pin-board toy has been converted, letting users create with whatever they put underneath it by translating into musical sound

Mobile november 14, 2014

3D Eye-Popping Ads Aimed at Battling Banner Ad Blindness

Norwegian company Cxense introduces stunning solution to combat banner ad fatigue

Work november 12, 2014

‘Star Wars’ 3D Hologram Technology Has Finally Arrived

Once considered science fiction, 3D hologram tech can soon come home

Arts & Culture november 4, 2014

‘Star Wars’ 3D Hologram Technology Has Finally Arrived

BLEEN brings futuristic projection tech to the consumer market


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