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Design & Architecture september 15, 2016

The Circus Inspires A Collaboration Between Two Design Icons

A modern product line of tabletop products and household accessories were created to evoke a sense of wonder and nostalgia

Social Media august 23, 2016

This 3D Visualization Reimagines Wikipedia As A Cosmic Web Of Knowledge

Wikiverse is a virtual world that allows readers to surf through information as they would the universe

Augmented & Virtual Reality july 8, 2016

Google Gives Artists A New Way To Animate

Daydream Labs has developed the simplest 3D animation concept yet

Work january 29, 2016

Lincoln Center Appeals to Younger Audiences with Projection Towers and Robo-Cameras

Destroying stuffy classical concert traditions will involve the use of 3D animation and projection mapping

Work august 19, 2014

Archival Bird Recordings Inform Abstract 3D Animations

Artist Andy Thomas creates visualizations inspired by the mouths of aves

Partner Content march 19, 2014

Artist Asks The Crowd To Help Him Create His Film Frame By Frame

Illustrator Raphael Grampá used crowdsourced creativity to make his film for Absolut #NEXTFRAME. [Partner Content]


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