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Travel august 30, 2016

Airport Mural Puts Passengers In The Clouds

The installation in an Amsterdam terminal lets travelers float through a series of billowing 3D digital shapes

Technology january 22, 2014

Robotic Sculpture Creates Customizable Light Paintings [Video]

Designed by Everyware, Luxo features a long arm that draws 3D outlines which are captured as lines of colorful illumination.

Mobile october 11, 2013

Retro Viewfinder Attaches To A Smartphone To Create 3D Media [Video]

New camera hacks your mobile device to generated stunning photos and videos.

Arts & Culture august 23, 2013

Instagram Alternative Allows Users To Create 3D Photos

Tadaa gives the illusion of floating objects in pictures with its editing feature.

Work october 20, 2011

Steve Clayton: Microsoft Research Shows Holodesk

The software giant's newest research project allows people to manipulate 3D images with their hands.

Home february 10, 2011

Moullinex Uses Hacked Kinect To Create Innovative Music Video

The disco-house artist created his latest music video, 'Catalina' using a hacked Kinect and a 3D capture script.

Technology september 16, 2010

Wearable Technology: Simple Glasses Offer Virtual 3D Displays

This minimalist head mounted display can project a 60-inch floating color screen within the user's field of vision.


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