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Technology may 11, 2015

Live Out Your Superhero Fantasies with Advanced 3D-Imaging

xxArray's 3D capture kit—now on a North American tour—takes the human body to super-being proportions

Partner Content december 21, 2011

Hollywood Tech To Revolutionize Facial Reconstruction

Researchers are combining conventional medical imaging with some of the same 3-D modeling techniques used in Hollywood blockbusters to offer new hope to victims of serious facial injuries.

Work september 28, 2011

The Work Of Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research recently celebrated their 20 year anniversary. Here's an inside look into the worldwide research labs' work.

Technology september 21, 2009

City Rendered in 3D Using Photosynth, Flickr

A group of computer scientists from the University of Washington's Graphics and Imaging Laboratory have created an algorithm that improves the technology behind Microsoft's Photosynth to render massive environments in 3D.

Arts & Culture july 23, 2009
Innovation july 16, 2009
Work may 21, 2009

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