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Travel may 18, 2016

This Mobile Map Helps You Navigate Nature While You Ski

Using 3D mapping, FATMAP allows users to make informed decisions about their ski routes

Technology june 10, 2015

Thumbelina-Sized Chef Entertains You While You Wait

Le Petit Chef is a miniature chef 3D mapped onto your dinner plate

Mobile april 9, 2014

3D-Scanning Platform Pieces A Room Together Like A Jigsaw Puzzle [Video]

Paracosm's tool shows off the collaborative nature of Google's Project Tango.

Gaming & Play september 19, 2013

iPad 3D-Scanner Captures Images For Printing [Video]

Occipital designed the world's first 3D sensor for mobile devices.

Home june 13, 2013

Augmented Reality Turns Kitchen Table Into Game Terrain

Virtual race game in the physical setting of your home allows for books and cereal bowls to become obstacles.

Technology june 11, 2012

Apple’s 3D Maps On iOS 6 Will Be A Serious Google Competitor [Headlines]

The next generation of iPhones and iPads will have a proprietary navigation app featuring hi-res rendering, turn-by-turn navigation, and a fluid user experience.

Mobile june 11, 2012

What’s New In Apple’s iOS 6 [Headlines]

The latest version of the mobile operating system found on iPhones and iPads includes a smarter and friendlier Siri, a baked-in Facebook app, and the rise of proprietary 3D mapping.

Technology may 9, 2012

3D Scans Let Scientists Navigate Brains Like Google Maps

Researchers have developed the knife-edge scanning microscope (KESM), which can slice, scan and map brains.

Gaming & Play november 3, 2011

Interactive Tech Allows Users To Influence Overlayed Projections On Buildings

PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the founder of NuFomer, a 3D mapping firm about how they are bringing a layer of interactivity to urban environments.

Arts & Culture may 19, 2011

3D Projection Mapping With The Hyundai Accent [Video]

Hyundai's live event featured a 3D video projection on the side of a building, a hanging car and a stuntman.

Luxury february 4, 2011

UpNext’s Super Bowl XLV Mobile Guide

PSFK speaks with Raj Advani, Co-Founder and Chief Architect, of UpNext about 3D mapping and adding layers of real-time information.

Technology january 19, 2011

3D Mapped Skateboard Tracks Riders In Real-Time [Video]

The Melbourne premiere of Tron Legacy saw an interactive skateboard installation equipped with IR lights and 3d mapping.


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