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Micro 3D Printer Produces Hours of Fun

World’s First Mechanical 3D Printer Is Powered By Gravity

Crafty Device Turns Any Smartphone into a 3D Printer

3D Printing Hardware Supplies In SPAAAAACE

Doing Away With Layering and Peeling, This Could Be the Fastest 3D Printer Out There

Laser 3D Printer Can Cut Wood and Engrave On Sushi

3D Printing Made Possible By Soil, Seeds, and Water

Giant 3D Printer Loves to “Draw” Furniture

Screwless, Hingeless Eyewear Perfectly Fits All Faces

Enjoy a Unibody 3D Printer for the Price of a Phone

Local Cobblers Could Make Comeback with Help of New Tech

Blacksmith Builds a Dual 3D Scanner-Printer for Your Home

  • 18 february 2015
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