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Retail june 1, 2016

3D Candy Printers Let Customers Create Their Own Confections

The Magic Candy Factory Printer can create tailored treats in under five minutes

Technology may 25, 2016

3D-Printed Fur Could Open Up New Design Possibilities

Synthetic hair can be programmed to turn mechanical movements into electrical signals

Technology may 19, 2016

This Kit Turns Nurses Into Medical Hackers

MakerNurse is providing technology to create maker spaces for hospital staff

Innovation february 9, 2015

Shipping Container Offers Rapid Prototyping Solution for Community Services

BetaBox is a custom prototyping lab that offers classes, events, conferences, and community outreach

Work february 5, 2015

3D-Printed Crystalline Maps Explore Urban Development Strategies

WTA Studio’s ‘Fragments’ exhibit shows a radiant alternative in city planning


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